Rhett is TEN months old.

Ok so this post is a little over due... he was 10 months old on Dec. 20, but I want to make sure and write down his milestones for when I look back later!

Roo-Roo-- (for some reason this nick name has stuck for me)
-You are 18.5 lbs, in size 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers
-You love baby food and will eat anything, but you're allergic to carrots, weird, I know.
-You drink 4-5 8 oz bottles a day
-You wake up around 6 am each morning, take a morning nap from 10-11:30 and an afternoon nap from 2-3:30, you're usually in bed for the night by 6:30.
-You are cruising around furniture, I don't think it will be long before you're walking but I am NOT ready!
-You love your brother, you think he is hilarious, he loves to come and "get you up" every morning, which means go into your room and play with you until I get in there.
-You have super sensitive skin and super blonde hair. I love your bright blue eyes.
-You do a lot of babbling. You say "ma-ma and da-da".
-You love your "sights and sounds" mobile, your pacifier, and your blankey. I can almost guarantee a nap as long as you have those 3 things. 
-You're a big momma's boy, and I love it.
-In your 10th month of life you took you first plane ride (to Colorado!) and saw the mountains!
-You also got the stomach flu for the first time
-You are getting so fun and interactive. I love this phase where I feel like I can literally see you learning.

Rhett Joseph, you're the absolute perfect addition to our family. Your brother, your daddy and I all adore you. We love you so much.



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