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I have gotten an overwhelming amount of emails and while I LOVE reading them and I am trying my best to respond to each one, I wanted to do a post to answer some of the questions I have gotten several times. Some of these are about Janet and some about other random things...


When did Janet pass away?
Janet went to be with Jesus around 9 am on Thursday, December 26th, 2013. 

(Side note, Janet said for the few weeks before she passed that she felt like it would be fitting for her to go be with Jesus on her birthday (Christmas). Bryan asked her to please not do that to us... so she hung on until the 26th but still got to go see Jesus just shortly after her birthday. Also, for a few days before she died Janet kept very close watch on the clock, one night Tony and Jordan asked her if she had a hot date and she said yes, with Jesus at 9. Interestingly enough, she died a few days later right around 9)

What were the songs that were played at Janet's memorial service?
Matt Redman: "10,000 Reasons"
Chris Tomlin: "I Will Rise"
Chris Tomlin: "Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone."
Bryan and Jordan sang- Charlie Hall: "Come For Me"

What is the plan for the future of Janet's blog?
I addressed that in this post but really Jordan and I are not sure yet. We do know that we will keep it up because her story is still being heard and told around the world. We talked about doing a series of posts chronicling her life before Ovarian Cancer but it will be awhile before we are ready to tackle that. We are also keeping her Facebook and Instagram up for now so people can still see her pictures and write to her if they want.

How many children and grandchildren do Janet and Tony have, I know they have a blended family, can you spell it all out for us?
Ha! Yes! Tony and Janet each have two kids from previous marriages. Alesha is Tony's oldest, she has three kids, Kaitlyn, Kimberly (they're twins) and Carter. Chris is Tony's son, he also has three kids, Addison, Cadence and Jaxon. Bryan (Janet's son) and I have two boys, Hudson and Rhett. David and Jordan (Janet's daughter) don't have kids yet. So all together 4 kids and 8 grand kids! Hudson and Rhett are Janet's only biological grand kids but she didn't see it that way, we are all just one big happy family!! :) I have some pictures that I will share to put some faces with the names!

The Whole Clan, Nov. 2012, just missing baby Rhett Joseph, who is obviously in my very large tummy

David and Jordan, this is actually at their Rehearsal Dinner

Bryan, Hudson and I (7 months pregnant with Rhett)
Chris and Kacee, Jaxon, Cadence and Addison
Eric and Alesha, Kimberly, Carter and Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn, Kimberly, G-Ma & Rhett, G-Pa & Jaxon, Hudson, Cadence and Addison. (Just missing Carter), Nov 2013
What is my job?  
I am an RN. I worked full time before I had Hudson, 2 days a week after Hudson and now after Rhett I am only working one night. I've been an RN for 4.5 years and I have worked at the same hospital since then. I started on the Medical-Surgical floor but for the last year and a half I have been on the Pediatric/Gynecology floor and I love it. I work one night a week and it works out really well for us. I am glad to have the best of both worlds, I still get to be a stay-at-home mom but I also get to get out and go to work a little too! In December I finished my Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree, and I am so glad to have it out of the way... so now I am Jenna Buettemeyer RN, BSN! :)

What does Bryan do?
Bryan works for the Wal-Mart home office as a Replenishment Manager Supervisor in Men's apparel. I'm not sure all the ins and outs of his job... but I know he is good at it and it is a great job that provides for our family.

Tell us about the Advocare Challenge.
I did the first two days and wasn't able to be on board 100% yet. I am pushing back my start date until next weekend so I can give it 100% and eat how I am supposed to. I just did a WHOLE post dedicated to this subject this week. If you're interested in doing the challenge with me you can check out the products on my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's Advocare page here.

What do you do with Rhett's sensitive skin?
Oh goodness. I have tried everything under the sun. Right now I am using a combination of Pinxav and Cerave lotion on his sensitive skin and bottom. We do oatmeal baths once a week. I have to use special diapers from either the Honest company or (weirdly enough) Pampers Cruisers don't cause a rash, but I only use them when we're out or he goes to MDO, any disposable diapers for an extended period of time cause a horrible rash. I do cloth diapers at home. I also make my own diaper wipes that you can read about here. All that to say that I don't feel like I am the expert on what to do for sensitive baby skin, but this is what works for us.


So I hope that answered some of your questions. I am doing my best to respond to all the emails. I love hearing from you and especially stories of how Janet touched people's lives. Thank you for your prayers and kind words during this time.


  1. You guys have done a great job writing so many details, which include your own emotions & feelings. For someone like me who did not know Janet personally, the posts you guys write are comforting to me as well because her story touched me so. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, I had asked about the songs.

    1. You're so welcome! You were one of many! That was the most popular question!

  3. Just realized the rest if my comment didn't post. The video is just awesome...the music, the video clips, Janet speaking. My absolute favorite is when she says, "Peace out, suckas!" Priceless! At one point, it also sounded like she said God saved her from AIDS 18 years ago. Tell us more about that.

    1. Thank you Jill! We are planning some future posts for her blog that will explain how God saved Janet from AIDs twenty years ago! She has an incredible testimony.


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