ELEVEN months.

Rhett Joseph-
You are ELEVEN months old today! How time is flying! You are such a big boy and I think you're going to be my wild child. You love to climb and explore. You are in to EVERYTHING. You are your big brother's shadow most of the time. I cannot believe that in a short month we will be celebrating your first birthday!

-I weighed you on our scale the other day and you weighed 19.6 lbs. You're starting to get some chunk!
-I just pulled out all of Hudson's 12 month clothes and they fit you perfectly. You've just recently gone through a growth spurt and it is so weird because I feel like it was just yesterday that Hudson was wearing these clothes.
-You love food. Any and all food. I haven't found anything that you won't eat.
-Your favorite is peaches and pineapple. You also really love green beans. I love that you're big enough to eat some "big" people food now.
-You still drink 4 8 oz bottles a day, I just bought our last two containers of formula and then we will start switching you to milk.
-You are a momma's boy through and through. You love your momma. Quite the opposite of your brother who is definitely daddy's boy.
-You still don't have any teeth. I think one is trying to come through on the bottom though soon!
-You started Mother's Day Out last week. I was sad to leave you but I think it will be good for you and you did great! Big brother even gets to come and see you, which I love.
-You say "Ma-Ma" and "Da-Da" and associate them with us, but you also babble a lot of other things.
-You love to pat and snuggle people. And you LOVE giving kisses.
-You're standing and cruising around furniture. You let go and stood on your own for the first time a few days ago. I am NOT ready for you to start walking but I don't think it will be too much longer.

I just cannot believe that you're so close to a year old. God knew that the perfect addition to our family was a strawberry-blonde, blue-eyed baby boy and I am so glad that we have you!



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