FIVE years

In honor of our FIFTH anniversary today. I want to share five things about my husband and our story.

1. I dated Bryan for the first time when I was in 8th grade and he was in 10th, a few months after my best friend had dumped him. We lasted three months and he broke up with me but stayed friends, best friends. We dated again in college after we had both been in other serious relationships and I think we both needed those relationships to appreciate each other. I think everyone should be best friends before dating, it is so incredible to be married to your best friend. We dated right at two years before we got married.

Summer 2001
2. We got married on January 3, 2009, and had a dessert reception with hot seasonal drinks planned but it ended up being 75 degrees so our caterer had to change plans at the last minute. Because it was 75 degrees that day we got to leave in my father in laws convertible with the top down!

3. Bryan works for Wal-Mart. He started there in the lawn and garden center when he was 16, went into the assistant manager training program while in college and ended up at the home office sitting behind a desk, which none of us thought he would be able to handle, but he has been there almost 6 years and loves it. He works in apparel replenishment. I love Wal-Mart and I love our hometown.

4. I prayed continually for Bryan for the 6 years before we got back together in college. There would be months of us not talking but I have journals upon journals where I beg the Lord to protect him and guard his heart. He didn't know these existed until around the time we got engaged. I am so glad I have those journals now and I can see how my years of prayers were answered. God has always been so faithful in our relationship.

5. Bryan is my best friend. He is my soul mate. He is my rock and my shoulder to cry on. After five years of marriage I can honestly say I love him more and more every day. Seeing him with our boys is the best thing ever, I can only hope they turn out like him one day and that their future mates pray for them like I did for Bryan. I never in a million years would have imagined all that would have happened in our five years of marriage; Two beautiful baby boys and two dear family members entering into eternal glory, three homes, two dogs and a new church.

I know the next five years will be filled with more joy and probably more pain, but I am so glad to have Bryan by my side.

I just couldn't not share this one. Hugging my SIL, Jordan, after we were officially "sisters" and look at how beautiful Janet looked that day!

 I love you, Bryan Buettemeyer! Here's to many many more years!!!


  1. happy anniversary! and those journals!! what a wonderful keepsake to have!!

  2. What a precious post! Such an encouragement to see a young couple "doing it right."


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