Furniture Repurposing!

I posted some pictures on my Instagram of furniture that I was re-doing and got a few requests for a tutorial... so here we go...

First, I am NO expert. My dear friend, Maegan, taught me everything that I know. I dedicate this post to her because without her I would be just as clueless as you.

Second, make it easy. Buy chalk paint. Do it. No sanding or prepping. My favorite is Annie Sloan. I also tried to make my own with the chalk paint powder and it doesn't cover as well. It took three coats vs one or two of the Annie Sloan... and it is already rubbing off. Pay the extra money for the chalk paint. Trust me on this. The white that I have used to cover my furniture is "Old Ochre".

Third, find some old furniture or stuff you want to paint. Wipe it clean with a wet rag.

bedside table before

Hudson's bookshelf before
(If you're like me, go to the garage and bring your ipad so you can catch up on some shows, I watched PLL yesterday, while you paint...)

Fourth, take a brush and paint a base coat with the chalk paint. Try to make sure your brush strokes are in the same directions. Let this coat dry and then do a second coat. Let it dry completely.

Fifth, Sand it, baby. This is where you would distress to make it look old or whatever your heart fancies. I use a little sand paper and it works just perfect.

Sixth, get some liquid wax. Maegan told me to get this Briwax in clear. I've never used anything but this, so I am no expert but you can get different finishes if you'd like. Brush it on just like the paint. Do little areas at a time and then wipe off with a dry cloth. It sets the paint and gives the furniture it a nice finish.

Seventh, stand back and look at your masterpieces.

I love how my new bedside table turned out! 

I have had this shelf (on top, in red) in the closet since we moved out of our apartment 4 years ago. I have never had a place for it since but I needed a shelf for our guest bath, so I painted this one and it works perfectly!

I also painted Hudson's bookshelf. It went from plain jane (a piece a friend gave to me that they didn't use anymore) and now it matches his Spiderman room and the dresser that I painted for him last summer. These are the pieces that I used the chalk paint powder for so that I could get the color that I wanted, I don't like how it goes on near as much as the Annie Sloan but it will work fine for a little boy's room that will get scuffed up anyways.

Hudson's dresser that I did a few months ago
He wanted to be in the picture. He kept saying "Mom this is so cool, we did a good job!" I let him help with the wax...

It really is SO easy. I love being able to take something that is old and make it something completely new again. I have some other pieces that I have done too. I redid my end tables in the living room and another side table.

Local friends, you can get the Briwax at True Treasures in Bentonville. While you're there you should check out Maegan's booth. I have a dresser that she did for me in my living room and she also did the armoire in Rhett's room. You can get the Annie Sloan paint at Red Hill in Fayetteville.

I love this turquoise dresser that Maegan did, she didn't use chalk paint on this but a similar color in chalk paint is Annie Sloan's "Florence"

Rhett's armoire that Maegan did for us, the color is "Paris Grey" with a dark ASCP wax
Maegan also told me to let everyone know that with the ASCP there is no prep and it will adhere to any kind of material (ie: laminate, plywood, wood, metal, etc.) That's the super awesome thing about it!

That's all. Like I said, I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but feel free to leave comments or questions and I will do my best to respond or find out the answer! Also, if you have tips or other painting ideas, please let me know!!!


  1. Do you know what color that dresser is? I'm assuming it's ASCP? That's the color I'm wanting to paint my pantry door! Thanks!!!

    1. I have no idea! My friend Maegan did that one. It is beautiful though!!

    2. Ok so she said that she didn't use ASCP on the turquoise dresser, but that the Annie Sloan turquoise is called Florence but that it is more of a green turquoise than a blue... hope that helps!

  2. Replies
    1. It makes me smile that you take time to reply to those who comment on your
      Blog. Have a great weekend!!!

    2. I want everyone to know how much I love and appreciate their comments! It makes my day!! :)

  3. The small bookcase, is that laminate? What did you base prime it with? The chalk paint turned out so good. Good Job!

    1. Gail, the backing is laminate. I didn't prime it. I used chalk paint powder mixed with Glidden paint from Wal-Mart. Looking back, I probably should have primed or sanded it down because it is starting to scratch off in places. I am not happy with how well it is staying on, but I figure since it is for a little boy's room, who is ROUGH on stuff, it will do for now! If I would have used the regular chalk paint I think it would have been fine.Thanks!

    2. Maegan just told me to let everyone know that with the ASCP there is no prep and it will adhere to any kind of material (ie: laminate, plywood, wood, metal, etc.) That's the awesome thing about it!

  4. It's hard to believe those furniture's are refinished. Those are look so nice and gorgeous. I'm glad to find helpful tutorial of doing such great works. Thanks.

  5. Where do you get the Annie Sloan chalk paint?


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