Get Fit 2014!

So for the 4th year in a row (maybe more??) I want to lose weight this year but more than the number on the scale I want to focus on getting fit and healthy. I want to cut out processed foods and eat more fruit and veggies. I want to exercise most days of the week and I want to drink more water!!!

How about I share with you some of the tools I am going to use to do that this year?!

E-Meals is promoting a healthier new you in 2014.

They are also having a 7-day Paleo clean eating challenge. I am going to be starting it next week. If you'd like to try it you can click here for more info. They are offering 7 days of breakfasts, lunches and dinners for FREE. I really love emeals, it takes the guess work out of what to cook. In the past few months I have been trying out almost all of the meal plans, for the new year we will be sticking to clean eating and paleo. Yum Yum!

Right now if you sign up for Emeals using the code DINNER15 at checkout you can get 15% off your meal plan subscription.

Paleo Meal Plans


I am also starting the Advocare 24 day challenge. It consists of a 10 day "Cleanse Phase" and then 14 day "Max Phase" of supplements and meal replacement shakes after that. I am still new to Advocare and don't know all the ins and outs but my sister-in-law, Alesha, sells it and is a wealth of knowledge about the whole program. She and her husband both have had great results with Advocare and have many friends who have too. And trust me I will be posting regularly with my progress and results and MAYBE before and after pics. We will see.
The products I am using

I just have to throw in a plug for Spark. I have been addicted to Diet Coke for 10+ years. I know it isn't healthy and that I shouldn't drink it. Many times (like during my pregnancies) I gave it up for awhile but I always craved it and came back. I know it is hard to lose weight while drinking it too. So I have turned my love of that silver can into a love for Spark. This stuff rocks. It gives me energy but doesn't make me feel slugish like coke does. It tastes amazing too. I love drinking it out of my Every Drop bottle with filtered water from my Every Drop filter. Every drop is an awesome filter that you can take on the go. I use it for my work outs and for filling Rhett's bottles with great water before mixing his formula. I am a big fan of the Every Drop filter.


I love Insanity. I have been doing it off and on for the last 6 months. I love the variety of it and being able to do it in my own living room. I had great results in the changes in my body when I did it over the summer and I am excited to get back at it! I have done the first three days and it kicked my booty!
I have a bad knee (I've torn my ACL twice in the same leg, you can read about that here) but as long as I wear my brace and modify some of the exercises I can do Insanity with no big problems... after two surgeries my knee hurts 99% of the time anyways, so I just deal.

I'd recommend a heart rate monitor during insanity! I love mine!
So there you have it. That is my plan. I am already working out and eating healthy, but my grandma is here this week so I am starting the Paleo and Advocare next weekend. I'd love to have some of you join me if you want! Please leave a comment if you decide to join in the fun and I might do a link up where we can all post our progress every week. I know that I do the best with accountability!

Do you have any fit goals or ideas for 2014? I'd love to hear them! Let's get fit together!

(This post contains affiliate links to Emeals, I will get a percentage of the sales if you buy through my affiliate link. Also, I was chosen to review the Every Drop Water Filter and received the products for free but the opinions of it are all my own)


  1. good for youu!! I have been slacking the keeping fit dept. but thats what i love about a new year. new goals, clean slate. Insanity scares me. I did it once, maybe i'll come back :)


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