The last week in pictures...

Friday was our 5th Anniversary. David and Jordan came and kept the boys so that we could go to dinner but FIRST Jordan and I went and got our hair done. We both go to our friend Nikki and it just so happened that our appointments were stacked together and we got to hang out, it was fun. Bryan and I went to eat at Table Mesa, our very favorite local restaurant. If you're from NWA or ever visit here you must eat there and have the Chicken Curry Burrito, you won't be disappointed!

Pre-hair appointment, wore one of Janet's hats to remind me to be intentional!

My husband sent me a dozen pink roses for our Anniversary! I think I will keep him!

Chicken Curry Burrito. The best meal ever.
On Saturday Bryan and I took the boys to the mall to use their Build-A-Bear gift card from a very sweet girl named Ashley in GA.

Then we got another MAJOR snow storm on Sunday. I missed work again and we were stuck at home again all week. On top of the snow, we had sub-zero temps and our master bath pipes froze despite me leaving them dripping and leaving the cabinets open. My dad came over early Monday morning to help me and spent all day Monday and half the day Tuesday working on it. Only a joint in our shower burst, but it still was a pain! Thankful to have my dad to help!
Blow dryers under the sink, I was accidentally heating the pipes that come out from the sink, which, in case you were wondering, was not helpful.

Blow drying the shower

Dad to the rescue!

Never so happy to see water running!
My grandma is here from Missouri for the month and has been over rocking my sick and snotty baby all week. I call her the baby whisperer. She is staying at my mom and dads but will be staying at our house all next week. My to-do list while she is here is a mile long, but I am so glad to have this time with her! (If you're new to my blog we lost my grandpa pretty suddenly to cancer last Christmas, you can read about it here)
Wednesday we went for a play date at Chic-fil-a. It was the one drivable day this whole week and I needed to get out of the house to let Hudson run some of his energy out. I was very happy to spend some time with my friends Rebecca and Misty and their sweet little girls.
Chillin' at Chic-fil-a
The rest of the time this week we just hung out at home for the most part. I started the Advocare 24 day challenge and my insanity work outs again. I have a post coming up about them.

Last night we went to dinner at our friends (who are more like family) the Kufahl's house. Hutch is the youth minister that worked with Janet for the last 12 years. He was my youth minister part of my time in youth group and is one of Bryan's best friends. His wife, Maegan, has always been one of my mentors and someone I have looked up to. I am blessed now that I get to call her a friend (and no they're not that much older than us, ha!). Maegan is pregnant with their fourth child and cooked us the most amazing meal. I ruined my diet for one night to eat all of the yumminess at their house!

Uncle Dave in the backseat with the boys on the way there! Such a good uncle.

Hudson and Kampbell, they're a month apart in age and good buddies.

Mae, Jord and Me with the kiddos
So we've had a good week! Lots of sad times in between the good and normal times but still trying to live a somewhat normal life!

"This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."


  1. Jenna,
    You are beautiful. Thank you for honoring your dear MIL. I am so thankful for Janet's testimony. Though her life was short, she has touched so many lives. Keeping all of you in prayer.
    Janice Gordon
    Wilton, NH


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