Warm(er) Weekend

We have been so thankful to have had a little bit of a warmer weekend. It was in the 50s yesterday and we actually got to enjoy some time outside!

Also, on Friday, Rhett cut his first tooth, at 11 months old! I was starting to wonder if he was every going to get a tooth! With the tooth, he spiked a super high fever, and decided not to nap all day. So we did lots of snuggling and rocking.

If you couldn't already tell, Rhett is identical to his daddy
Last night we went to eat at On The Border with my parents and Grandma. I get to see my dad and grandma frequently, almost every day lately, but my mom is an APN and works full time so we don't get to see her as much during the week. Hudson had a great time playing super heroes with Pa and Grammy after dinner. After the boys went to bed, my brother came over too and we all played Apples to Apples for like 2 hours. It was fun just spending good quality time together!

Hudson loves to suggest playing games. Usually he says "I know! Let's play Super Heroes!!!! AND I'LL BE IRONMAN" This is comical because he rarely wants to play something other than super heroes and he is ALWAYS Ironman.

Our friends let us borrow their little roller coaster a few weeks ago and Hudson has been loving rolling Rhett around the house on it. It is the first time we have seen him really be a big brother. He loves taking care of "his baby" and Rhett adores Hudson. So sweet. I know I will have bickering and fighting in the future, but I am loving their sweet moments together right now.

I had some pictures printed this week and got some put up in frames.

This is in Hudson's room. He really has the very best grandparents.

I am working in the church nursery for the first time this morning. Bryan and I have really felt like we have needed to get more involved and plugged into our church. We go to a different church than our parents because we wanted to have a church home to call our own where we weren't known as just our parents' kids. Lately, it has been hard to be away from our church home and family that we know and love and who've wrapped their arms around us so tightly... but the Lord has called us somewhere different now, and we can only trust in Him that this is where we need to be. So I am excited to start getting back into the swing of church and being plugged in... and then I am hoping for a nice long Sunday nap before my 12 hour shift tonight, we will see if the boys comply with that. Ha!

I hope you all have a happy and blessed Sunday!


  1. Oh, love those snuggle pics, so, so cute! And, we LOVE Apples to Apples for sure! Know your church is blessed to have you and Bryan and may you feel very loved and plugged in shortly. Have a great week!


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