"You hurt my feelings, Mommy"

Today has been a day.

I had planned a great eye shadow tutorial to go live this afternoon, but my boys aren't cooperating, so I am postponing it until tomorrow (hopefully). Rhett slept in this morning... which usually would be great but we needed to be somewhere at noon and I knew with him sleeping until close to 8 that his normal 8-11 nap time was going to be off kilter. So I decided to take the boys out to Target and Wal-Mart. Never ever ever a good idea. Especially when it is supposed to be the little one's nap time.
You can tell how thrilled they look here...
I lost my patience with them before we even got in the car. Rhett was screaming and Hudson was not listening to ANYTHING that I said and I raised my voice at the boys and basically said "ENOUGH with the crying and fits!"

Hudson's lip puckered up and he said "Mommy, it hurts my feelings when you yell at me and brother."

And my heart broke and I felt like the worst mom ever.

And what? How does he know to say that something hurts his feelings?

I apologized to them both and told Hudson that Mommy makes mistakes just like he does and we have to ask for forgiveness.

It was a good teaching moment for Hudson and a good teaching moment for Mommy.

I try to be Christ-like in my attitude, especially with my boys, and I have mountains and mountains of patience with them usually, but today I snapped. The Lord is still molding and teaching me to be the best Mommy for my boys that I can be.

After that, we had a pretty good time. I prayed that the Lord would give me more patience, and he did.

We took my mom lunch to her clinic and the boys got to play with her for awhile. They were very well behaved.

Now we are home, boys are napping and momma is going to nap too...

Thankful for forgiveness and thankful for the cross this afternoon. One more step on my journey of choosing joy.


  1. One of the most precious gifts our children can see is that we sin and need to repent too. We need Jesus just like them!!!

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not the only mommy that loses her patience sometimes.


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