A New Way we Found to SAVE!

If you've been a blog reader of mine for long, you know I love to save money. And I like to share how I save with you!

Last month, Bryan and I cut $100 out of our monthly budget.

"How?" You ask.

By nixing our AT&T cell phone plans and going the road less traveled.

Bryan switched his phone to Republic wireless. He had to get rid of his iPhone and switch to the Moto X, which he still really likes and he lost his number. Originally we were paying $25/mo for unlimited talk, text and 3g data, but he just switched his plan to the $10/mo plan with no data. He is mainly at work or home, where he has wifi, and doesn't need data otherwise. The other cool thing about Republic is that you can change your plan twice a month, so if you needed the data one month, say if you were traveling or something, you could get it for a few weeks and then get rid of it again, it is a very nice option to have! Also, when you sign up for Republic you get a 30 day trial and if you don't like it you can return your phone and get your money back too!

We switched my line to Straight talk. I wanted to be able to keep my iPhone and my number.

Straight talk is an awesome deal. We basically switched the SIM card in my iphone and the little letters at the top of my phone switched from ATT to TFW and I haven't noticed any other difference.

The major bonus, it is only $45/mo and since I can buy the cards at Wal-Mart, I also get my employee discount which takes an additional $4.50 off. So I am now paying $40.50/mo for my cell phone and I still get unlimited talk, text and data. Booyah.

Now let me tell you what we were paying before. We had the lowest amount of minutes and unlimited text and data with AT&T. We were paying $147/mo. It was outrageous.

So our cell phone bill just went from $147/mo to $50/mo. A SIXTY-SIX percent savings EVERY month. Take that.

And honestly, after being on our new plans for coming on two months, I will probably take the plunge and switch my account to Republic too. We could potentially be paying $20/mo total. Not a bad deal at all! I've been being silly about wanting to keep my iPhone, but I like Bryan's phone fine and I do love saving money.

(This is NOT a sponsored post, this is a real life change that we made and love!)


  1. We switched to Straight Talk after Christmas. The only bummer for us was that we were Verizon customers, so we all had to buy new SIM card enabled phones. But even with that big purchase (we bought the phones used...but it was still an investment) we are going to save in this first year. I don't think the big phone companies will be able to compete with Straight Talk...we think they will all go to similar plans soon.

    1. Brittney, I think you're right, once people start realizing how much money they're throwing down the drain, I don't know how they could keep up!

  2. Have you noticed any difference in your network coverage since switching? My husband and I want to break up with AT&T so badly but aren't sure about the coverage and such.

    1. Ashley, I have seen absolutely no difference at all! I love it! I was weary at first but I honestly haven't seen any change!

  3. Good for you! I love seeing young couples making wise money decisions. You'll never regret it and will be so, so much better for it!

    1. Thank you Lea. We have made our fair share of bad decisions, but we are trying to be money-savy now! :)

  4. we are straight talkers too!! love it!


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