God's Grace is so Good

Dreams. I've never thought much about the reality of them until lately.

A few days after Janet died, I had a dream that she came back and told me that everything was okay.

Jordan shared her dreams about Janet in her post yesterday, and one specifically that directly correlated to something Hudson had said to us. I'll let you hop on over there to read about it...

Hudson told me when he woke up this morning that he had a dream about G-Ma. I asked him what it was about and he said "I told G-Ma that I love you so much" and she said "I love you to the moon and back". There is no doubt in my mind that he actually dreamed this, that is what Janet always said to him, since he was a baby.

For the past week or so Bryan has had several dreams about his mom. He felt like she was trying to send him a message but could never remember it when he woke up.

Last night he said that he had the most vivid dream yet and that he got her message.

He said in his dream we were all fixing Sunday lunch together at their old house, brisket just like always. He said that we all knew that Janet had died but that she was with us and it was normal. We were sitting at the table and he said to Janet, "Mom, we were just celebrating your funeral six weeks ago, it is so weird that you're here with us again now."

And he said she just looked at him and said "Bryan, God's grace is so good."

And then he woke up.

Janet is still proclaiming God's goodness here on Earth from Heaven. That was a huge comfort to Bryan... and it is to me too. I feel like I can actually hear her saying that in my head.

So while I never contemplated the reality of dreams before, I have no doubt that Janet still wants us to know that everything is okay, that she loves us and that God is still so, so good.

Bryan and Janet, Nov. 2013


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