Happy Birthday Rhett!

Rhett Joseph- 
I love the raw emotion in my face in this picture. My very first time seeing my second born. The love of a parent for a child is something no one can ever explain.
Brand new, fresh baby boy. 2/20/2013.
Rhett at a week old. Photo credit: Katie Cole Photography
I cannot believe that you're a year old today! You came into our lives a month early and I think it's because you just couldn't wait to get the party started! You are such a people person (just like your daddy) and you are SO happy all the time. You smile, coo, giggle and laugh constantly. You are so social and love attention. I was looking back at Hudson's First Birthday Post and I think it is so interesting to see how different you both are! Hudson was walking at 11 months but not talking a whole lot. You've been a lot more verbal and not so much interested in walking yet, and I am okay with that!
 -You are in size 3 diapers, mostly 12 mo clothes and somewhere in the park of 20 lbs. You have your official 12 month doctors appointment next week.
-You just got your first two teeth (bottom middle) in the last month.
-You have the bluest eyes and the blondest hair, it cracks me up because it is so opposite of Hudson. I love it.

-I've already switched you off of formula with no problem and we are almost transitioned to the sippy cup completely.
-You love your "B" ("Monster Mash" Aden + Anais Dream Blanket) and your Paci
- You love your brother and want to be wherever he is. You've just lately started playing together and I love to watch you. Hudson does so good with you too!

-You slept ALL night without waking up for one of the first times EVER last night (6:30 pm-6:30 am) and I am hoping that magically at a year old you're going to decide you like to sleep and not party at night!
-You eat mostly finger foods now, you've not a fan of having to be fed. You love bananas, steamed sweet potato, muffins, baby granola bars and green beans. Not a fan of eggs or homemade baby food.

-You crawl and stand and walk around furniture and are into EVERYTHING. I don't remember Hudson being this bad about getting into stuff, but maybe I just forgot. You especially love the fireplace and the dog water bowl and you've started shaking your head no at me when you either know you're not supposed to do something or you don't want to do/eat it.
-You wave bye-bye and do "patty cake"
-You say "Ma-Ma" and "Da-Da" and "Bye" and "Hot", you jibber jabber a lot of other stuff.
-You love your family, you've taken a special liking to Grandma Jeda because she's gotten to spend a lot of time with you.
I have said it a million times before and I am sure I will say it over and over again but you are the perfect addition to our family. I absolutely love being the momma of two boys and I love your little personality so much already. I really can't believe you're already one and before I know it you'll be a big boy like Hudson, but I am cherishing these "baby" days with you and trying not to wish them away. I love you, Rhett-y. You're my sweet, sweet baby boy and bring my heart so, so much joy.

Love you to the moon,


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