Rhett's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party!

My baby boy turned one yesterday! I decided to do an easy little party with just family for him with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. My grandma and dad came over to help me get ready. Well, Grandma came to help me, and Dad took Hudson away, ha! I just did a taco bar for dinner and made cupcakes and GF cookies for dessert. That pretty much explains the party, the rest you can see in pictures! We had such a fun night and ended it with a dance party. Thanks so much for all of the birthday wishes for Rhett, he is a very blessed and special baby boy.

Hi! I am one!
Pic with Daddy before Daddy left for work
Made my day, a mystery sender sent us these! Perfect.
Big boy eating his chips and guac in the high chair because we were out of seats, ha!
We had to wake Rhett up for presents and cake... he is still a little wide-eyed here
Matching brothers in their Mickey Mouse shirts and ears
Pretend Rhett doesn't look scared to death! He wasn't sure why everyone was watching him
Rhett and Grammy (my mom)
The Little People house went over great! I ended up ordering the Mom and Baby on ebay for $6! Score!

Hudson thought this was great, brother got all these new toys for him to play with
Hudson picked out the Little People swingset for Rhett

Grandma Jeda got him a backup blanket! We love our Aden + Anais dream blanket. We only had one, and I learned early with Hudson that we needed two!!

Mommy and the birthday boy
We weren't too sure about the cake
Mommy had to help him

With my grandparents, his great-grandparents
Doe tried to help him too, he just wasn't interested in the cake
So we tried vanilla
Then he just wanted to feed Momma

and Daddy

With G-Pa
Hudson and Rhett with G-Pa
Rhett and Pa
Uncle Dave and Aunt Doe with Rhett


  1. He is such a cutie! He has one of the most adorable smiles! Looks like you all had a fun birthday together with family. Still praying for you all as you continue to settle into your new "normal" without your MIL. Lana :)


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