The Bee's Knees and a Few of my Favorite Lotions

My sweet friend, Angie, who is a fellow pediatric nurse just started an great, all-natural skin care line called The Bee's Knees. She made these as gifts for Christmas and so many people loved them that she had a ready-made business!

All of The Bee's Knees' products are made with super awesome ingredients that I love like Coconut Oil and Shea Butter and they all having super amazing scents! I have extremely sensitive skin, I'll talk more about that in a minute, and I have to read labels (ugh, yes) before I can use most bath stuff so I don't break out in a rash, but Angie's stuff was all GREAT on my skin, no problems at all. Love it!

Angie sent a few of her best products home with me to try, and seriously, what is better after a 12 hour shift than a hot, relaxing bath?

Pictured here Whipped Cream body butter, Bar soap, Silky Shave bars, Bath truffle, lip butter and Hard lotion bars
Hard Lotion Bars are made with nurses in mind! Angie is a fellow RN and knows how hard it is to keep our hands from drying out! This is my new staple for my work bag!
Excuse my broken bath truffle... IT.WAS.AMAZING.
I loved loved loved all of Angie's stuff. My two favorites were the bath truffle and the lip butter. I literally could eat the tube of lip butter it is so good. I am sad that I only had one bath truffle and that I haven't seen Angie again because I want ten more. Seriously.

Angie is being awesome and offering 10% off of anything on her Etsy site if you mention my blog. Her prices are great and I promise you won't be disappointed. She and I are going to work on a baby skin care line, I can't wait to share that with you!

Now since we are talking bath products, let's talk a little more about lotions.

I have mentioned before that Rhett has SUPER sensitive skin, and guess where he gets it... yep, me. I have the worst time with my skin, I am currently fighting a dry skin rash with every lotion in my arsenal and I thought I would show you a few products that I love since I have tried almost every single lotion known to (wo)man.

These are my favorites. 

 1. Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing lotion. It's new. It's one of the two things I am using to combat my current skin situation. I basically love any and all things Aveeno. (Fragrance Free, important people, important)

2. Aveeno Baby. I use it. Yep. It is the only "baby" lotion I put on my kids too.

3. Cashmere Glow by Bath and Body Works. I typically don't use scented stuff because scented stuff=rashes for my sensitive skin but when I do, I use this. Yummo!

4. Cetaphil and/or Cerave. (Cerave isn't pictured because it is on Rhett's changing table and he is sleeping and you all know we do NOT wake a sleeping baby). It is the ONLY lotion I put on my face. Period.

Oh wait, he woke up! Here is the pic...

5. Udderly Smooth. Janet introduced me to this stuff. It is the other lotion I am using for my rash and I use it on Rhett's poor skin. It is great.

6. Aquaphor. My boys both get rough patches on their faces and arms, especially in the winter, this stuff is the bomb. After I put it on them, Bryan asks me if I covered them in cooking oil because they both look so greasy. Ha!

So those are my favorite things... make sure and check out The Bee's Knees and try some of Angie's yummy products too!

What are your favorite tips for dry skin? Favorite lotions? I am always up for trying new stuff!


  1. Hi. You don't know me but I followed Janet's story and enjoy reading your blog and praying for your family. I have fought the sensitive skin issues and have rosacea and my youngest son had severe eczema when he was little. I started buying Renew lotion from Melaleuca and have been using it for 13 years.....nothing else. (Don't worry - I'm not trying to sell it to you. I'm just passing along info from one mom to another.) :) Renew is the only moisturizer I use on my face and it kept my son from having flare ups. We even used it on diaper rash. If you've never heard of it, just go to and have a look around. They should be able to hook you up with someone in your area to give you more information.

    1. Thanks Debbie! I will have to look that up! I need something new because what I am using on Rhett isn't helping!

  2. Have you ever tried Eucerin? I have lymphedema and my therapists suggested it. Curious as to what your opinion is on it. They also suggested Aquafor.

    1. Aquaphor is made by Eucerin. I love it. I'd suggest it too! I haven't tried anything else of theirs though.

  3. Aquaphor - we love it and use it all the time! It's the only thing that works for my daughter!

  4. Fun post! Love to hear what works for others. I love Aquaphor too! Stopping by from SITs. Have a great evening.

  5. As a fellow RN with majorly sensitive skin (I have to use special gloves at work because the regular nitrile ones cause a major rash) I am completely on board with any type of lotion regimen! Aquaphor is my go-to at work and always have one in my pocket, I also use Cerave cream (not the lotion) as my primary lotion for my hands. Aveeno naturals I use for the rest of my skin (except my face) and the Neutrogena hand cream is nice because it isn't quite as thick as the Aquaphor. On top of all of this I use a prescription steroid ointment twice a day to keep the nasty rash from work away, and sleep with aloe infused plush gloves on at night otherwise my hands are broken out nearly 100% of the time! I haven't had luck with Udder Cream or Cetaphil but should try them again, and like you anything scented is out of the question for me which is a major bummer! I am ALWAYS on the hunt for new creams to try. :) Thanks for sharing your loves!


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