Weekend in Review

We had a pretty good weekend! Friday, we took it easy all day. We had a super busy week with Rhett's birthday and party and enjoyed our low key day. The boys played with Rhett's new toys and the little people stuff was a huge hit!
Then we all snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie
I worked Friday night and slept until about noon on Saturday. When I woke up, I had a fun little surprise on my kitchen table, and in my backyard.

I had been wanting a Coach diaper bag, or a purse that could double as a diaper bag, and Bryan surprised me with this when I got up on Saturday. He got a great deal on it and he is so sweet to me. He has also been wanting to get the boys a trampoline too for this summer, and the Wal-Mart Associate store had a good deal on one on Saturday that he couldn't pass up. We spent all of Saturday afternoon putting it together, taking it apart because it wasn't on right and then putting it together again, at least it was pretty outside! Hudson spent the day with G-Pa so it was just us and the blue-eyed baby. We started trying to work on walking, but he isn't too interested yet and that is A-Ok with me!

Sunday we had another low key day. I got up and cooked breakfast, usually only happens on Sunday. I was scheduled to work Sunday night and wasn't feeling well, I think because I was exhausted, so I ended up taking a little nap Sunday morning and then a really big nap Sunday afternoon. When I woke up I felt so much better, and then got called off of work! A great surprise! We spent a little time outside with the boys playing, it was kind of chilly so we didn't last long.

Cheesy Eggs and drop biscuits for the boys and biscuits and gravy for me and B

So now I am up blogging at 4 am, I've actually been awake since 2, because I slept all day yesterday thinking I would be working. I enjoy the quiet of the early hours so I don't mind... although not too quiet because Rhett just woke up too!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. The best gifts are the ones you weren't expecting; enjoy your bag.


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