$20 Challenge Week 2

Are you ready for the week two update??

Here we go:

I haven't done very well.

I could lie and tell you that I stuck to it to a T. I could just show you today's trip and pass it off like that's all I have bought this week. But I want to be honest and not lie.

When I came up with this fun little idea, I did not take into account that we would have family coming into town... or that we have at least one family meal at our house every week. I think I am doing ok at sticking to the budget for just us, but when it comes to having people over we have to go over budget a little bit. On groceries over the weekend I probably spent around $50. So today's post is going to be about what I got at Target for less than $20 and hopefully next week I can be back on my challenge when life gets back to normal!

So the boys and I went to Target this morning and I got everything pictured for a little over $17 and I used the $10 gift card that I got over the weekend buying the stuff for the laundry room so I only paid $7 (Retail was around $55).

And I am hoping that is all of the groceries that I have to buy this week! Stay tuned for week 3!


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