$20 Challenge Week ONE

I ended up not having to work the whole night last night and had a few hours to myself this morning and went ahead and headed to Wal-Mart for the first installment of my $20 challenge. I think I did pretty good.

I got all of this for $18 before tax. I price matched the onions and carrots (and paid next to nothing) and had coupons for the breakfast burritos and P3 meals that made them free or almost free. The rest I paid the normal price. This is enough fruit and veggies to get us through the week! I love the squeeze Apple sauces (mainly because Rhett can eat it himself) but they are SO expensive. Last week I bought a box of 20 for $10 and they are already all gone. I decided to stick with the jar of applesauce this week that I spent $1.98 on. It's not as convenient, but that is a huge savings.

Then I treated myself to a diet coke and cookie from Chic-fil-a after I went to Walmart. Bryan had a left over gift card in his wallet from Christmas that I used. I was so excited because I got a survey on my receipt for a free chicken sandwich! Score!
Then I still had time to kill before I picked the boys up so I went down to some cute new boutiques downtown and looked around. For the sake of honesty, I will admit that I bought myself a few new shirts for summer and a monogrammed Easter basket for Rhett. I think it is good to reward yourself with some new clothes while on a weight loss journey, and I was excited to see that some things that wouldn't have looked good on me before look good now-- thanks to Insanity and all of my hard work! So while that wasn't exactly in my savings plan, I rarely have time to go clothes shopping alone and this was a special occasion. Off my soap box now. Oh and my husband didn't comply and ordered pizza last night while I was at work, c'est la vie.
loving my new tops

Week one grocery trip: $18... and counting...

I've had a few comments about doing a post about my pantry and how I keep it stocked. Look for that coming soon!

Happy Monday!!


  1. Great blog!
    Check out these holders on Amazon. I bought them for yogurt but they also work well for applesauce. Not as convenient as individual store bought that you throw away but they do the job.


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