Another Snowy Sunday.

We are waking up to another snowy Sunday in NWA. It seems like all the snow we have gotten this winter has been on Sunday. Our church was cancelled this morning, and I am scheduled to work tonight, but it isn't looking like I will be making the 30 miles icy trek to work. So far we have had freezing rain and it is sleeting pretty hard right now, but the news is reporting that the roads are already super slick. So we will see.

We had a good day yesterday. We took it easy in the morning and the boys took three hour naps at the exact same time. It was heavenly. Bryan and I have started watching House of Cards on Netflix and we watched two episodes during nap time. Then we had to go retrieve Bryan's truck from the hospital and I ran to the store to grab a couple of staples with the rest of our whole town.

Thankfully Bryan felt pretty good all day yesterday and thanks to cold meds the boys and I are hanging in there with our colds. Last night we went to my parent's house to celebrate my Grandma's birthday. My dad made steak and lobster tails on the grill, it was so yummy. Then we had lava cakes and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.
Hudson always has to help with the candles
We made it home around 9 pm, put the boys to bed and watched two more episodes of House of Cards, it is so good! I love down time on the weekends just to hang out with my husband, it's some of my favorite time.
I love how sweet my baby looks when he is sleeping
My mom has this picture of me and my brother framed in the dining room, she pulled it down yesterday and we covered up my hair and showed Hudson and he thought it was him. I think he looks a lot like me as a kid.
Me at age 4
I hope you've all had a great weekend, don't forget to enter the It Works giveaway that is running until tomorrow night! You can enter below!

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  1. oh man house of cards is so good and crazy!! we just finished season 2. the only bummer is waiting another year for season 3.

  2. I try and work out 3-4 times a week and stay away from sugar and bread. I have a hard time getting rid of my belly fat after having had three c-sections. Would love to try the wraps:)


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