Confessional Friday

I am linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday today...

1. I confess that I broke my $20 challenge yesterday to have our family over for dinner last night. We needed fruit pizza. It was the first day of spring.... I spent $40, which is double my weekly budget. Ugh... anyways, I knew from the beginning that $20 was going to be a stretch. I'll try to do better next week. But still $60 for one week of groceries is still half of what I would normally spend.
2. I confess that I got a Facebook group invite for my 10 year high school reunion last night. How am I old enough for this? Even worse... looking through the people that are commenting, I am not even sure who some of them are... I have kept up with my close friends from high school, but the closer it is getting, I think I am excited to go and see what everyone else is up to.

3. I confess that I almost got eaten by snakes yesterday. I am terrified of snakes and we went walking and to a playground with my friend, Katie. As we were walking up to the playground she yelled "SNAKES" and I sprinted faster than I ever have before in my whole life. She later told me I literally walked right over them (with the stroller). One snake is bad enough, but several?? YUCK!

I love this sweet friend, especially since she saved me from the snakes!
4. I confess that I am ecstatic that it is supposed to be 71 degrees today. We will all be wearing shorts. And tank tops. My arms are in desperate need of some color.

5. I confess that if it was socially acceptable I would live in Victoria's Secret boyfriend sweatpants. I may or may not have 5 pairs. I may or may not wear them exclusively when I am at home.

6. I confess that I have started putting on makeup and fixing my hair every day. I've also been taking off said sweat pants and putting on real clothes for when Bryan gets home from work. I have realized that maybe he doesn't want to come home to a scuzzy wife in mom clothes every day (although he says that this is not the case, sweet of him, really) and I feel better about myself if I look presentable. I think the biggest boost in this was the confidence I have gained from working out and feeling better about my body.

(Why did all my confessions turn into clothes posts?)

Happy Friday! What are your confessions?


  1. I've been living in my Victoria's Secret sweats too. I purchased them for postpartum/ was born 5 months ago lol

  2. that fruit pizza looks goooood. Also, I'm glad you don't know half the people in that group commenting, bc I don't either!! I feel like everyone needs to attach their yearbook picture or something. Also, sounds like I need to get me some of these bf sweatpants....


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