Laundry Room Re-do

I have never been a big fan of my laundry room. It is cramped and there were no cabinets or storage when we moved in. It is also our back entry from our garage so it becomes a catch-all for everything from dirty shoes, to bags and lunch boxes. I really don't like seeing clutter the first thing as I walk in. We had a guy come measure and give us a quote for cabinets a year or so ago and it was going to be $900 to do what I wanted to do in there. We decided that wasn't a smart financial decision for us at this point. So I made do with a hand-me-down shelf from my brother's room growing up. It fell off of the wall several times, scraped up the wall and left big holes. Yesterday I decided it was time to go buy a real shelf and do something more permanent in there.

My mom and I went to lunch and stopped by a few stores before hitting up Target and finding all my cute baskets. Luckily, target had a great promo going on this weekend that was a $10 gift card for every $50 you spent in home decorating. I got new curtains for our living room, two new throw pillows, a new rug for our entry way and all the baskets for our laundry room for around $125. Not too shabby!

Then we went to Home Depot and got the shelf. Thank goodness that my mom was there with me because it is confusing to figure out what all you need, it doesn't come in a cute little package. Ha!

When we got home I put Bryan to work.

He caulked the holes, painted the scratches, hung the shelves, and then went and hung my new curtains.
(I came home from shopping and Rhett was dressed like this- ha ha ha)

Now what you've been waiting for... the before and after!

On just the stuff for the laundry room (baskets, shelf, broom hanger) I spent less than $90. That is just 10% of what it would have cost us to get cabinets, and I am really happy with how it turned out! I might actually want to spend time in there doing laundry now!

Hope you're having a great weekend!! It is spring break around here and after I work tonight I am looking forward to spending some time with our family that has come into town for the week!

Stay tuned for a really great SPRING giveaway from Lauren James Co. coming on Tuesday!


  1. Nice. I need to do some major cleaning/organizing in my tiny laundry room. Is the broom hanger from Target. I have to get one!


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