Let's Talk a Little About Saving Money...

Most people these days are looking for ways to slash a few dollars from their budgets. I started couponing when Hudson was a baby and found that there were several items you can get for free or almost free.

Yesterday, I planned for several hours for a big trip at Target. I took my sister-in-law and brother-in-law along with me to show them the ropes, it was a lot of fun! I thought I would share my savings with you and kind of how I did it so maybe you could go get some savings too!

First I want to tell you about some of the apps that I use. The cool thing about the coupon apps is that you can use them with paper coupons meaning even more savings!

I have been using Ibotta for a long time now. I get savings on milk (almost every week) and other things like bread, eggs... etc. Bascially you look at the deals before you go to the store, scan the items to see if it matches, and then scan your reciept when you get home and they refund you into your ibotta account. On Ibotta there are several ways to get your money in giftcards or once you get $5 you can deposit it into your pay pal. Right now if you sign up through my Ibotta link you can get $2 FREE when you redeem your first offer. There are also deals for restaurants and movies on Ibotta.
I just started using Checkout51 a few weeks ago. It is basically the same as Ibotta but they mail you a check once you hit $20. I've found quite a few deals for fresh fruit and veggies on Checkout51. This week there is a rebate for carrots, last week I saved $0.50 on bananas!

I JUST started using Shopmium yesterday, and it is so cool! The thing I like about Shopmium is that the money is deposited straight into your paypal, no waiting on a minimum balance. If you sign up for Shopmium with my referral code you can get a FREE Lindt bar! Download Shopmium on your phone for free and then enter the code: GHUMKEWP and you will have an offer for a completely free Lindt bar! yum!!! I do love FREE chocolate.

Also, I use Cartwheel for Target. It is awesome because if I am in the store and see something on sale I can look it up on Cartwheel to see if there is extra savings!

Now that I have talked about the basics, let's talk about where I got the coupons for my deals yesterday. Target has coupons you can print online, when I am referring to them I will put TCP. Target also has Mobile Coupons that they text you, that will be referred to as TMC (Text Offers to 827438 to sign up, also text SPRING, CLEAN and STOCKUP to the same number for the coupons I reference in my post). Then I use manufacturers coupons from either the newspaper or printed from facebook or those are going to be MFC.

Ready?? Let's go! Retail for everything pictured below was $96. It ended up costing me right around $30 after rebates and giftcards.

Let's start with my favorite deal. Zone Perfect Bars. Yum! Bryan and I eat bars for breakfast every morning. Target has a deal when you buy 4 boxes you get a $5 giftcard.

4 boxes Zone Perfect bars $4.39 each, $17.36 total
25% cartwheel
-2 $3/2 MFC from Zone Perfect's facebook
-$5 giftcard
Total:  $2.02 for all four boxes

Target also has a high value coupon for $20/$50 of SELECT cleaning products that you can stack with other coupons. You just have to make sure you present this coupon first so it takes the $20 off before the other coupons.

2 Boxes of 4 pk Kleenex: $5.49 each, $10.98 total
-$1.50/2 TMP
-$0.30 MFC
Total: $9.18

Pledge Wipes 2 at $2.79 each and 2 at $3.24 each, total $12.06
-$2 TMC
-$1.50 MFC
-B1G1 Free MFC ($3.24)
-$.50 Checkout 51 rebate
 Total: $5.32

Palmolive $2.50
-$1.25 TMC
Total: $1.25

All Laundry Detergent $11.99
-$1 MFC
Total: $10.99

Downy Unstoppables $8.99
-$1 MFC
-$1 TMC
Total: $6.99

Glade Plugin Refills $4.89 each, $14.67 total
-3 $1/1 MFC
-$1 TCP
-$1 Shopmium rebate
Total: $9.67

Total before coupons $61.19
Total with coupons $44.65
Minus the $20/$50 coupon= $24.65
Market Pantry Veggies $0.99
-$0.75 TMC 
5% Cartwheel
Total: $0.22

Up and Up Diabetic Glucose Tabs 10 ct $1.23
-$1.50 TCP
Total: FREE (to give to my grandma for her purse)

Lindt Chocolate Bar $2.59
Total: Free with Shopmium

MP Butter: $2.99
5% Cartwheel
Total: $2.84 (I just needed butter)

Smuckers All Natural Jelly $2.99
20% Cartwheel
-$1 Shopmium
Total: $1.39 (I needed Jelly too)

Retail Value: $96 (The register said it and I couldn't believe this stuff cost THAT much!)
Total Cost to me after rebates and giftcard: $29.88

I wanted to share one more thing... a few more free things that everyone can go get RIGHT now! These are deals that I got last week but are still available

There is a Target Mobile Coupon for $2/2 up and up pain relief, you can get two of the 24 ct. ibuprofen FREE! (They're in the travel section of my Target)
There is also a Target Mobile Coupon for $2 off any single cup coffee, you can get the 3 ct. Archer Farms KCups free!

Oh AND I would have saved another 5% with my Target Red Card but I couldn't get it to work last night and it wasn't worth the first for an extra dollar when there was a line for 5 people behind me, ha!

So that's how I saved this week. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this post. Let me know your saving tips, etc! I'd also love to answer any questions you have! Thanks so reading!!


  1. i need a one-on-one class. ha! I know I should do this, but it seems overwhelming. I stick with WM to get all my general merchandise and use our discount card. are you saving more with coupons at target than you would at wm with your discount?

    1. Yes, I do most of my everyday shopping at Wal-Mart with my discount card, and yes, I save enough on other things that it makes sense to me to do some of my other shopping at Target and Walgreens where you can stack coupons. But I have been doing this for long enough that I know what is a good deal and what I can get at Wal-Mart for less... if that makes sense.

  2. I was never a big couponer until I fell in love with Target! It amazes me that they have such a great coupon policy and offer the cartwheel savings! I've just started using Ibotta. So I'm excited. I'll have to check out the other apps! :-)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing all of this useful information. I had no idea that these apps could mean so much savings. Great job!

  4. WOW....those are great savings. Remember how you were talking about the phone plans you saved on? Well, your savings this day basically paid for your phones for the whole month! And that was just one trip to the store.I have been looking at the phone plans you mentioned and thinking about making a switch. Thanks for the info!

  5. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing. You should try ShopKick app, too. You get points just for entering certain store and for scanning various items in store. The kicks add up and you can redeem them for gift cards.

  6. Thanks for the great info on the money saving apps. I have been avoiding them because I didn't know much about them, so your explanations were very helpful. My favorite store match-ups site is While it is a MI based site, she does post match-ups for Target, Aldi, and the drugstores. I think you will love it, since you are doing all the leg work to match coupons to sales on your own. I'm're doing a great job.


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