Peek into my Fridge and Freezer

First of all... please don't judge me for my messy fridge and freezers...

I love all of the feedback that I got on my pantry post yesterday. I am going to have to stock up on some stuff that y'all have shared with me!

Happy fridge. As a girl, it was my dream to have my kids' pictures all over my fridge. It is my heart, along with the sticky hand prints and wooden magnetic letters. Hudson is always so excited to put his newest stuff up.

Here is the inside of the fridge... mostly tupperware containers...

Fridge Necessities
Milk (I have three kinds, Whole for Rhett, 1% for Bryan and Hudson and I drink Almond milk)
Greek Yogurt
Sour Cream
Cheese (I usually don't buy Velveeta but I got this for free, I actually don't like it, but we are using it up before buying more... I usually buy the blocks and grate it myself, like the Mozarella here, it's cheaper and tastes better IMO)
Sliced Turkey (we are currently out)
Various Condiments that I didn't think y'all would care to see
I have several containers of homemade baby food (green beans, pureed spaghetti, pears currently)
Oh and pictured is a crockpot of last night's leftovers (Pork Chops and Rice)

And here is the inside freezer...

And my deep freeze...

Freezer Necessities
Frozen Chicken Breasts
Cooked and Frozen Grilled Chicken
Venison (My hubby is a hunter)
Bags of steamer veggies/rice
Frozen fruit for smoothies
Frozen Breads
Frozen leftovers
Chicken Nuggets and Corndogs for Hudson

I also have four milk cartons full of water frozen in the deep freeze, in case of emergency.

And on the counter...
So there you have it, please share your fridge and freezer necessities that I have forgotten!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Based on your disclaimer I was expecting a big mess. LOL! Looks pretty organized compared to mine. Thanks for sharing.


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