What I am (not) reading...

These are the books I have started and wish I had the time to read all the way through... maybe this summer! I'm linking up with my friend Kelly today and sharing what books I am currently (not) reading. I really love to read. I need to set aside more time to actually sit down and do it though! When I was nursing Rhett, I had time to actually dedicate to a book... but now with two crazy boys... well you know how that goes.

Bryan and I started reading this together last summer, we love it and I think we will be picking it back up again soon!

I've read the first few chapters and it is so good and applicable to mothering.
I have almost finished this one, love it as much as her first!

Janet gave us this book about two months before she died, I started it then and haven't had the heart to pick it back up, maybe soon.
I've almost finished this one too, interesting read now that I have a dear one in Heaven.
So that's what I am reading... what are you reading?? After typing up this post, I think that my goal is to finish these books by the end of April. I'd love to know what books you are loving!


  1. I've heard so much about Melanie Shankle's books! I'll have to download the first one. (=

  2. Found you through Kelly's link up! We're starting the Circle Maker in our Women's Small Group and it sounds great...I'm also in LOVE with Melanie Shankle's books...I've had some late night giggles thanks to them :)

  3. My husband and I have finished a book that has been life changing at this time in our life. Moses by Charles Swindoll. We have lost everything; jobs, cars, home, we are having a desert experience, but God has provided our ever need and this book has given such a hopeful and thankful perspective.

    I would highly recommend this if you a going through a dry lonely experience, you realize quickly God is there.


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