Easter Weekend in Review

We had a super weekend spending time with our family! Hudson spent the night with Grammy and Pa on Friday night and we just hung out at home. Saturday we cleaned out our garage and cleaned off the back porch. Spring cleaning at it's finest.

My sister-in-law, Alesha, came into town for 24 hours to pick up a car and I was so happy to spend some time with her again (we forgot to take a pic, ugh!). I was kind of bummed growing up that I didn't have any sisters, but now I have THREE sister-in-laws who are so great that I love spending time with. I am so thankful for my relationship with Jordan, she and I were closer in age growing up than Bryan and I are, so we were friends prior to Bryan and I dating. It is fun getting to be related to your friends and she is so special to me. We just wish Alesha and Kacee lived closer too!

Tony, Alesha, Jordan and David came over for dinner on Saturday night. Tony cooked his famous steaks, yuuuum!

Uncle Dave is the best. He swung Hudson for forever! Ha!

We had an EARLY Easter morning so we let Hudson open his Easter basket on Saturday night. He was thrilled to get a new Captain America (That I got for $4 at Target when he was with me and I managed to buy it without him noticing!).

We went to the 8 am Easter Service at church on Sunday. It was great. Then I had nursery duty so Bryan brought the boys home to rest before we headed out to my parent's house for lunch. My dad made steaks, shrimp and scallops on the grill. Then Bryan and David hid Easter eggs for Hudson to hunt.

So incredibly thankful for the people in this picture. Tony saw Alesha off so he missed lunch. I am also so grateful that our families are close and we can spend our holidays all together!

Grammy and Pa got the boys a new horse stable and truck/tool set.

Janet got Hudson this Easter Basket for his first Easter. I know she was probably watching and loving seeing Hudson run around and get the eggs with it. We miss her so much but holidays are the hardest. Her empty place is always apparent.

My Grandma, Mom and Rhett

My boys have the best Aunt Doe!
Rhett looks like he could be David and Jordan's baby. It will be fun to see if this is what their babies look like one day!
I just love this one of our family!
These two (and their daddy) are my life's best blessing. I am so happy to be their mom.

Rhett looks SO big here!
After lunch we headed home to nap and I went to the hospital for my very last 12 hour night shift! I was exhausted but made it through!

I know a lot of you probably read my post yesterday thinking that we were announcing a pregnancy but I am happy to report that I am definitely not pregnant right now but there will hopefully be another Buettemeyer baby in the next few years. I haven't gotten a handle on having two kids yet, so I am definitely not ready for three. So my BIG news might not have been "baby" news but it is a huge excitement for me to know that when we do have another baby I won't have to go back to work at all!

Hope you all have a happy Tuesday!!!


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