Going to The Chapel...

We had a beautiful day in Northwest Arkansas yesterday. Bryan and I took the boys on a long bike ride in the morning. We rode from Tony's house to downtown and to the Crystal Bridges trail. It was so fun and the boys really enjoyed it. I meant to take a picture of Bryan on the bike with the boys in the trailer thing but I forgot, whoops, but I did snap one of me and Rhett before we went. My poor blonde baby has to wear a sunhat and all kinds of sunscreen to keep from getting sun burnt.

Then last night we took the boys out to my parents house and Bryan and I went to the wedding of a family friend. We had a lot of friends there from out of town, and from in town, so it was fun to catch up with all of them! Bryan and I considered this a "date" night but we both spent most of the time mingling and talking to our respective friends and not together, but it was still so fun.
Bryan and I on the way to the wedding

Love sitting with my sweet friend Rhyanne, she just chopped her hair off and it is SO cute!

Love these two. Katy and Ashleigh are both dear friends of mine. Ash and I have been friends since we were in 7th grade. I'm not loving this picture of myself, because I was laughing so hard because it literally took us 19 tries to take this.
I didn't snap a picture of the bride and groom but Congratulations to Kathryn and Jeff!! Your wedding was so beautiful!

We had so much fun and then went to pick up the boys, we were about 5 minutes from home and Hudson started massively barfing all over the car. Bryan and I were still both in nice dressed up clothes, and barf EVERYWHERE. Basically I took him straight to the tub when we got home and Bryan pulled out the car seat and wiped up what he could, but that mess is still waiting for me in the garage. Never a dull moment.

Hope your Saturday was wonderful!!!


  1. I think the last pic where you are laughing is by far the best pic of you. you should smile with your mouth open more often!

  2. You look gorgeous in those pics!! So sorry you had a sick little man. Hope he is feeling better!

  3. Oh, my goodness, my little Grandson did the same thing to his Momma about 3 weeks ago and it was AWFUL!!! Hoping he's better and didn't have some contagious virus. :o)

    Cute, cute pics!

  4. I agree with the comment above - your smile is beautiful with teeth showing. You look happy.


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