Little Giggles Fun

Yesterday I took the boys to Little Giggles, this new-ish place in town that it for kids under 7. It is an indoor play place and what was so great about it is that they (even Rhett) can roam and explore and I didn't have to be right there over them the whole time.

We went with my friend Katy and her boys, Boston and Deacon, and baby Kingston. I realized as I was typing this that our boys are stair-stepped ages 4, 3, 2, 1 and Baby Kingston is 0. That's funny! And for a few more weeks Katy's little girl is 5 and already in school. How random. We commented several times about how well they all play together (Especially Boston and Hudson, who are the oldest and who, just a year or so ago, fought, cried and wrestled like crazy and now they can talk it out, so cute. They've been playing together since they were Rhett and Deacon's ages.)

Katy and I

Boston, Hudson, Rhett and Deacon
Hudson had fun wearing all the different costumes
Then we came home and my boys took really great naps. Our weather has been great so we played outside for over 3 hours before Daddy got home. We ate pizza (Digorno for $2 instead of ordering out for $20) and watched "Up!" before heading to bed.

Love these two so much
The weather is supposed to be beautiful today so we are going to ride bikes, work in the yard and maybe head out to my parent's lake house this afternoon. Hope you all have a great weekend!

(I also am just realizing that my feed burner has been messed up for two weeks, I think I have finally fixed it- after working on it for two hours- but if that's how you follow me I promise I've been posting and I didn't fall off the face of the planet! Ha!)


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