Modern Cloth Diapering Series 5- Diaper Creams!

Lisa is back today with Series 4 in the Modern Cloth Diapering segment that we have been doing... Today's is all about Rash Creams!


Modern Cloth Diapering Series 5

Cloth Diaper Safe Rash Creams

I love my diapers, my clothes lines and my diaper creams! I’ve tried many different cloth diaper safe creams and honestly liked most of them. If you do an internet search there’s a large variety of creams and it’s hard to know where to start especially when they cost at least double what a tube of Desitin does. It’s important to use safe creams because traditional creams with cause repelling and your diapers will stop absorbing and begin leaking. Many safe creams can be found at local stores like Target. But you can also get them from online retailers who have free shipping for relatively the same price. I really enjoy Amazon Prime and I’ve already gotten my money’s worth just from the free shipping aspect. 

My favorite cream is CJ’s BUTTer. There is a huge variety of scents and you can get sample tubs for $1.50 each!  My favorite scents are cucumber, coconut lime, warm vanilla, and pink sugar. For sensitive skin they have unscented. It even heals my daughter’s mild eczema during flare ups. I rub it all over my girls at night before bed because the smell is heavenly. Their unscented lip balm is pretty great too.

My other favorite is Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm . It does not smell very nice but it’s very kind to the skin. When my jar is half empty I fill it up with coconut oil and have a half and half mixture that works great!  California Baby Therapeutic Relief cream with zinc oxide is my go to for an actual rash. Even though this is listed as cloth diaper safe I use a liner with it. Same for All NaturalBoudreaux’s Butt Cream. I’ve been told that it leaves a residue so I’d most certainly wear a liner with this cream.
And then there’s coconut oil. It’s become a very popular treatment for skin, hair, nails, and mouth health. I love it because it smells great and lasts a very long time. The downside to coconut oil is that it doesn’t travel well because it turns to a liquid when warmed. It’s great for the prevention of a rash but does not treat a rash. For that I’d use California Baby or Desitin with a liner.   

 What to do if you get a non-safe cream on your diapers:
·         Squirt some original blue Dawn dishwashing soap on the area and rub it in.
·         Lightly brush the area with a toothbrush.
·         Rinse, rinse, and rinse.
·         Wash as normal.
(Y'all Blue Dawn is MAGIC. I use it for EVERYTHING, including my homemade cleaners that you can find here!)


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