My BIG News!

On Friday I promised some big news for today so here it is.

After working as a nurse for the past (almost) five years, today I hung up my stethoscope and turned in my badge in order to devote my time, efforts and attitude to my family.

Yep, you heard me right, I am now officially a full-time stay at home mom... which basically means I will be spending my days eating bon-bons and watching soap operas (ha ha ha).

A goal of ours has always been to get us to a financial place so I could stay home full time since before Hudson was born, and while what we were doing was working okay, it just wasn't ideal for us in the season that we are in. Several different details all fell into place at the same time and a month ago, after much prayer and consideration, I put my notice in at the hospital. We have to give a 30 day notice to stay eligible for rehire. I decided not to post about it until it was done and official, so here we are.

It was bitter sweet to turn in my badge and leave the hospital this morning. I thought a lot about how much I have grown as a person and as a nurse in the last five years and how much my life has changed. I have cried many tears in that building with my patients and for my patients. I have prayed with them and laughed with them. I have been with families as their loved one slipped away and I have seen many new lives (including my own two children) be brought into the world in that very building. There are so many parts of nursing that I love and there are also many challenging parts. Bryan and I were newlyweds when I first started and Bryan was working an entry level job at the Walmart home office. The Lord has blessed us tremendously with Bryan's job and I am so proud of him and all of his hard work that has gotten us to this point. I am also so thankful to have a husband that wants to give me my dream and has the same dream for our family. I am not done being a nurse forever. The thing I love so much about nursing is the versatility. Maybe I will be a school nurse some day, go to work at a clinic or go back to school to become an APN. There are SO many options.

I am so overjoyed about this change for our family and what it means for my boys. I am also super excited for the extra night of sleep I will be getting every week too! Night shift is TOUGH! But I also know that being a momma (stay at home or working) is a TOUGH job that comes with so much responsibility, so I am not taking this opportunity lightly. The desire of my heart is to mold my boys into Godly young men who seek the Lord with their whole hearts.

On my quest for choosing joy, the Lord is showing me that HIS hand is over us and that His plan is bigger than us. We just need to keep our eyes focused on Him.


  1. Congratulations! The Lord provided a way for me to stay home full-time several years ago and it has been the biggest blessing. So happy for you!

  2. You'll never regret choosing to stay home with your babies! I'm from Michigan and this topic from Titus 3 has been what the women of our church have been challenged with. We please Christ when we invest ourselves wholeheartedly in our babies! Well done to both you and your husband for making that sacrifice! Happy for you. Melissa


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