Shop for Free at Wal-Mart

Rhett and I made a quick Wal-Mart trip today while Hudson was with Pa.

I wanted to show you how easy it is to shop for free!

I got everything pictured for free... and actually made $2.

I had a coupon for a free Wholly Guacamole product that I got from doing a survey that they emailed me. I was given a free Lemi-shine coupon also BUT there was a peelie on the Lemi-shine to try it free so I will buy another and submit for the free rebate so you could get this free too!

I had a 2 $1/1 P3 coupons (printed from their website), making these free! *Love these for my post workout snack!!! Lots of protein and less than 200 calories!

I had 2 $3/1 Bic disposables coupon from a previous newspaper insert, the silky touch was $2.96 and the sensitive was $2.68, So these were a $0.46 moneymaker.

I had 2 $1/1 El Monterrey burrito from here, these were priced at $1 each, both free. *Bryan loves these, quick and easy breakfast!

I had a $2/1 Rice Dream from their Facebook page, this was priced at $1.96, a $0.04 moneymaker.

I had a $2/1 Bio true from a mailer, this was $2.88, I paid $0.88.

With the overage and my discount card, I knew this would put me into the negative, meaning Wal-Mart would owe me money (not sure what happens there, but I wanted to avoid it) so I also picked up Candy Land for Hudson's Easter basket. It was priced at $7.77. I had a $2 off coupon and this was a product to "eat" my overage. Hudson loves games and this is a perfect and cheap Easter basket gift!

*Since my husband works for Wal-Mart, we have a discount card that saves us 10% on non-grocery items. Before today I wasn't sure how it worked with coupons, but I thought it was off of my total before coupons, and I was right. My discount card is the main reason I made money on this transaction beyond the free coupons. But you could still do all the same deals without a discount card and with the overage the total before tax would be just $0.38.

My total ended up being $3.64 (plus tax) for everything pictured below, $35 retail price. That's 90% savings.

Nothing feels better than shopping for free! The Wholly Guacamole alone was almost $4, more than my total purchase!


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