What We've Been Up To...

Well it has been awhile since I have posted. I don't really have a great excuse for this except I have been busy playing outside with two little boys and spending time with my husband. We've finally had some nice spring days.

Let's start with Friday...

We had our friends Aubrey and Boston come to play in the morning. Our kids have been playing together since they were basically babies and it is so cute to see how well they play now that they're older. Aubrey and Boston's moms are two of my dearest friends that the Lord put in my life where I had no fellow "mommy friends". As if y'all don't already know this, Rebecca and Katy, I love y'all and I really think our play dates are more for me than my kids!

Then Friday night we went to first Friday on the square. It was crazy busy and we had fun but we pushed Rhett to his bedtime limit. Our town is seriously the cutest thing ever.

Saturday I went to brunch with two of my best friends from High School. Love them so. They're the friends that I can go awhile without talking to but we can always pick right back up where we left off.

Then Bryan went to a wedding and after he got home my parents and Tony came to hang out with us and play with the boys. We played Superheroes, surprise, surprise.

Sunday we went to church and I had nursery duty. We ordered lunch from the new WalMart to-go and it was super yummy and so nice to have lunch ready to eat when we got home. I worked Sunday night and slept half of Monday. I enjoyed the craziness of my boys when I picked them up from school, I really do miss them so much when they're there.

Yesterday, my Grandma Kathy came to play with us in the morning.

Grandpa Bob and Rhett
Then the boys and I did a little shopping...
My friend Katie gave me a heads up about baby food at the Walmart Associates store! I got around $!00 of baby food for $40!

$23 at Target. The iced coffees alone are more than that. Good deals! I went here before I knew about the Assoc. Store or I wouldn't have bought the baby food and apple sauce. Now we have plenty.

Then last night we had our friends, The Sears', (and Tony) over for taco night. I talked about my friend Katy at the beginning of the post, but Bryan is also good friends with her husband, Jerad, they were best buds in high school. We had such a good time hanging out together and the kids (all 6 of them under age 6... 5 boys!!!!) were so great. There is just something so refreshing about spending time with good friends.
Top and bottom L: Deacon, Hudson, Albany and Boston, Bottom R: G-Pa with Rhett and new baby, Kingston
That brings us to today where I will be vacuuming and working in the yard, try not to be jealous.

Happy, Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!


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