500th Post

This is my 500th post.

0800: I am sitting on my couch watching Hart of Dixie in my pjs with no makeup on. I'm drinking iced coffee and snacking on my yummy homemade Orange Rolls. Hudson spent the night with Grammy and Pa, Rhett is napping and Bryan is out helping a coworker move.

I say all of that just to say: I have nothing special to write on my 500th post. I didn't imagine when I started blogging when I was pregnant with Hudson basically for my grandmas to read that my little blog would turn into something that people actually wanted to read.


1330: And now I am back 5 hours later. Rhett decided not to nap so we went out to my parent's lake house and went on a boat ride. I just finished the Hart of Dixie episode while eating my pizza. You know, the best thing about blogging is that it can be done in the down time and doesn't have to be done all at once. I am a mom and unless my boys are sleeping I rarely have time to sit down and write. I love that I can blog one sentence at 0800 and finish my post at nap time.

There are so many reasons that I love blogging. I love that I can be honest and say what I want to say but more than that I love the community and friends I have made. I love hearing your ideas and stories, and I love it when you comment!

I will never, ever forget the love and community we felt by the blogging world after we lost Janet. I had so many emails that it took me weeks to respond to them all. I read each and every comment y'all left here and on Janet's blog. I love the blogging world. I love having my little piece of the internet that holds memories of my kids and shows an overwhelming story or love and loss and also shows the growth I have made as a mom since first finding out I was pregnant 4.5 years ago.

So for my 500th post I want to encourage you to find something you like to do. I'd like to think that I am writing something that is encouraging to someone somewhere out there. My dream has always been to make a difference in the world... and maybe it will be here through my blog or maybe it will be in raising two very special boys who will be on their own mission's to change the world-- Either way, the Lord has great plans for my life and I am remembering today to be intentional with those around me... oh and I am pretty sure that given a cap and a nice tiara, I could save the world.
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