Annapolis Vacation Part 1

We got to Annapolis on Sunday night late. The boys did SO great on the planes.
At the Airport
On Monday we drove to a suburb of D.C. to check out a Walmart store that Bryan had been working with and then went to eat at Cheesecake Factory. Monday night we hung out with Scott and Sara (My aunt and uncle who are closer in age to us than my cousins) and their boys. We ordered Cheesecake Factory to go (we might have a problem) and ate it at our house. It was great!

On Tuesday we explored downtown Annapolis and ate at a cute little crab restaurant on the bay with the whole family. The Blue Angels were practicing and kept flying right over us, it was awesome.

I love my cousin Abi who just turned 16 a few months ago, that makes me OLD!!!
Taken by Hudson
Eating Ice Cream and watching the Blue Angels
Then we went back to our house to rest and play with the cousins. I have a very big family and my dad is the oldest, which is fun for Hudson because he has younger kids to play with!
Becca, Ben and Rhett with Grandma

I think that is enough pictures for today! Part two coming soon!

And for tomorrow... I have a new series coming up... or I guess more like re-vamping an old series. I am going back to Weight Watchers meetings tonight and will start "Weight Watchers Friday" tomorrow!. Just another step in Operation Get Fit 2014!


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