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Hi everyone!! My name is Kristin Wood and I am so honored to be guest posting for Jenna today.  I don’t know Jenna personally, but I feel like she is a kindred spirit.  We have so many things in common like being from Arkansas, marrying our junior high sweethearts, being stay at home moms, and having boys (except I only have one).  
I grew up in the tiny town of Sheridan, but after several moves, l now call Nashville, TN home.  I have been married for five years, and we had our son, Liam, in January 2013.  After Liam was born, I gave up my career as an attorney to stay home with him.  Choosing to stay home has been the most difficult and the best decision of my life. The most difficult because I worked so long and so hard to become an attorney and establish a career.  The best because I have been able to watch my sweet boy grow and learn without missing a single moment.  It has also allowed me a bit of time (during naps) to explore my passions, which had fallen by the wayside with my hectic career.  I feel like my life is finally heading in the direction it was always supposed to go.  My creative spirit runs deep and always finds a way to creep in to whatever I do (I used to make a pretty awesome powerpoint presentation back when I was workingscrapbooking at its finest :) )!

And that leads me to the main focus of today’s blog post…turning my passion into a business!  After posting photos of projects on Facebook, I began receiving more and more requests from friends to design items for their events.  My sister has been urging me to open an Etsy shop for several years, so now that I actually have people wanting me to make things for them, I thought the opportunity was ripe.  SO, earlier this month, I opened Charmingly Kristin Designs, an Etsy shop focused on custom, handcrafted stationery and party decor!
I have found it incredibly intimidating, scary and stressful to “put myself out there.”  Everything in my shop is something I have designed and made myself, and I am surprised how personally attached I am to my designs. I don’t know if my little shop will be successful, but I am proud of myself for going for it!  Afterall, I’ve always dreamed of being Martha Stewart! Ha!  I wish I had followed my sisters advice and opened the shop 5 years ago before everyone and their mother had an Etsy shop, but I just didn’t have the time to dedicate back then. Such is life.  I can’t help but wonder what my friends and acquaintances must think about my decisions to leave my career and now open an Etsy shop. I have to stop and remind myself on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis that I have chosen a life that makes me happy and is incredibly fulfilling.  I am “Choosing Joy” and that is all that matters.

Since I was a little girl, one of my personal slogans has been  “love is in the details” and that is exactly what you will find at Charmingly Kristin Designs.  I aim to design party collections that include everything you need to make your event unique and memorable.  I want your guests to leave your event feeling special and loved, just as I hope my guests feel when they leave my own parties. I am striving to stand out in the crowd by offering highly customized, handcrafted party designs at affordable prices!  

So far, I have one complete collection, the Lilac and Aqua Baby Shower, in the shop, along with a few other fun party items. If you are interested, you can check out my shop here.  I would love any feedback you may have on what you like and what things you would like to see in my shop!  I am also offering custom designs since building up my collections is a slow, SLOW process.  If you are interested, feel free to contact me through my shop to discuss or send me an email at!

I am also hoping to start doing event planning and event styling!  I will be offering services locally in Nashville, as well as in Arkansas since I’m always up for a visit back home (and Liam loves seeing his grandparents)!   This will include designing and crafting all your party decorations as well as coming to the event to set up your party space!! 

Here are a few photos from the last big party I threw, my son’s first birthday party.  It was Winter ONEderland themed in the colors red, navy, brown, and light blue.  I used lots of flannel, hand sprayed pine cones, birch twigs, old pane windows, Aspen trees, and of course lots and lots of snow to give the party a truly rustic, lodge feel.  

Thank you again Jenna for allowing me to the honor of guest posting on your blog!  It has been lots of fun.  I hope you all will come and find me on Facebook ( so we can be friends!  If you are interested in a custom design, feel free to contact me through Facebook, Etsy or my email!  And last, I have a personal blog (that I haven’t updated in a while as I have been busy with the business) as well at (I have been blogging for many years, but lately you will find tons of updates on my pregnancy, nursery design, and baby over the last year)!  Whew (and I didn’t even mention pinterest or instagram!).  Social Media is wonderful, but exhausting!  Have an amazing day and remember love is in the details :)  I am such a nerd! :)


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