Confessional Friday

Well, it's Friday again. Crazy how it comes around once a week, huh?

Here are this week's confessions (or random ramblings, whatever you prefer):

-I have been taking it easy with couponing for a few weeks. It is kind of stressful and time consuming and I needed a break. I just did a little trip today and got all this at Target for $8.95!

-I have done Insanity the past four days. I can't sit or squat today. I had ZERO motivation to workout yesterday but I did it anyways, and like always, I was glad I did. My knee is screaming at me so I will just stick with taking the boys on a walk today now that the weather is nicer.

My post workout selfie yesterday! I am proud of myself for working out so hard this week! (oh and notice Rhett's shiner, lovely right? You should see the other guy.)
-I am really excited about some posts coming up next week. I've got a few guest bloggers coming to share their stories. I think that is always fun. I actually still have a few spots, so if you're interested, Just let me know!

-I sold my Sit N Stand Stroller today. I feel like I am in Spring Cleaning mode. We have finally freed up enough space for Bryan to park in the garage again (we have a three car garage, that is SAD!). We have Kelly's City Mini Double stroller and I LOVE it, she is so sweet to let us borrow it. I do kind of feel like Hudson is getting out of the stroller stage though... sad. I am a big fan of containment.

-My friend, Katy, just introduced me to Earl Grey Latte's and taught me how to make them at home-- Yummo!!! If y'all don't know about them, you need to find out about them asap! I even made my own Vanilla Syrup (aka "Sugar Water"... it's amazing what you realize when you make things yourself, like how awful that stuff is for you!)

-Bryan had a job interview yesterday. It is for a new job in the same department, still with Walmart. It would be a great promotion if he gets it. (Isn't he handsome?!)
-I am terrified to take Rhett on an airplane. Especially a THREE hour flight at bedtime. What was I thinking when I booked this trip?!?! If you have any tips for containing toddlers on flights please let me know.
Baby brother problems
-And finally.... we are going to Annapolis and the D.C. area next week. If you haven't already left me your tips please leave them here. I have been reading back on all the old comments when I first posted that we were going and they're so helpful. So if you're from that area and can tell me a good place to park to get on the metro to get to the Smithsonian and other pertinent info like that, PLEASE do!!

Happy Friday, Friends!!! I am so glad it's the weekend!


  1. I would love to know how you make the Earl Grey Lattes. Can you post how to do it?

  2. do share with us how you make those lattes, they look delicious.
    New follower from Leslie's Confessional Friday

  3. I don't have any tips, but have fun in Annapolis! My sister and brother in law live in Annapolis and he actually teaches at the Academy! He probably had your cousin! Small world! I followed Janet's journey and was inspired by her. Take care, jen

  4. Take carseats on the plane and keep the kids strapped in. And have them drinking something during takeoff/landing so their ears don't hurt.

  5. I always found that lollipops were a good tool for take off and landing.
    As for the metro the smithsonian stop is off the blue and orange line on the metro. From Annapolis I believe new Carrollton would be the best metro stop, and they have a good amount of parking at the metro station and it is $5 for the day (free on weekends). You may be able to hop on a MARC train closer to Annapolis but this option will likely be more expensive and will require switching from MARC to metro at union station. I am not super familiar with MARC so maybe someone with more expertise will chime in.
    If you decide to go the metro route my biggest suggestion is to buy the hard smart trip cards if you plan to do much sightseeing. They can be purchased at the metro station (from a kiosk) and are $10 but come with $8 loaded on them. (So the card itself costs $2) The benefit over the paper card is that there is a one dollar charge on the paper card for each the leg of your trip. So in your case just ridin from new Carrollton to the smithsonian and back to new Carrollton the smart trip card would save you $2 and have paid for itself, if you do more trips in (or go to other more than one station during the same day) you save even more. Also your boys should not be charged a fare regardless of which option you use. Have fun on your trip ;)


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