A few years ago I went through a rough and lonely season. It was shortly after Hudson was born and I was really unsure where my place was. I have the BEST friends from growing up, but we were (and still are) in different stages. I needed "Mommy-friends" to support me and listen to me and give me advice. Bryan and I changed churches about this time and got plugged into a small group with some people that we knew and some new people. Little did I know that some of these girls would become my closest friends. I say all of that to say, Christian friends are so important to me as a mom. My mom got connected with a group of ladies in a bible study when I was a baby that she is still best friends with. I grew up with their kids like they were my siblings and I longed for the same thing for me and my kids... but it wasn't just handed to me. Bryan and I had to get connected and put forth the effort to build these relationships.

I am so grateful for all of my friends and the past six months have been extremely trying and our friends really stepped up by calling, texting and bringing meals when we were in the thick of it. I am so thankful for them. I am thankful that these girls "get" me and know that being a mom is hectic and crazy and people get sick and we get busy and some nights we just want to spend time with our husbands. We get it. We vent to each other, we laugh with each other, we have crazy funny group texts and we have play dates where our kids destroy our houses. I am also so grateful that my friend's kids have become Hudson's (and now Rhett's) best friends too.

The Lord has brought some other friends into my life that I never expected. Hudson and Ethan have been in MDO together since they were babies and I am so glad that his mom, Jessica, and I have recently gotten to be friends. She is also a nurse so it's fun to have someone to talk nursing stuff with. And my friend Katie... oh goodness, the Lord brought her to me so randomly, but she is a friend I cherish so much. We met at Bryan's work Christmas party two years ago and hit it off. She and I try to walk together a couple times a week now and she is such a great Christian friend for me.

Friends are important. Especially as a mom. I am really debating pulling my boys out of Mother's Day Out in the fall, and I don't have to worry about them being socialized because we have such great friends.

So here are some pictures... some old and some new... I love these people so much and I am so grateful for what they mean to our family.
Hudson and Kampbell as babies (they're a month apart in age)
Hudson, Aubrey and Ashlyn (two years ago)
Hudson, Ashlyn and Aubrey at dinner Tuesday night
Hudson and Ethan

Hudson and Boston

Deacon, Hudson and Boston

Hudson and Kampbell
Graham and Rhett
Hudson and Cooper
Hudson and Aubrey

Boston, Hudson, Rhett and Deacon
Katy and Me

Katy and Me a few years ago
My bffs from highschool
Me, Katy and Ashleigh

My besties from high school

Me and Katie
Rhyanne and Me
Me and Katie

I love my friends dearly. I encourage you, that if you're in a similar season, to get connected at church or in a mom's group. These ladies are my sanity some days. I can call in an emergency and they drop everything to help. And to my friends, I probably don't tell you this enough, I love y'all and am so thankful for what you mean to me and my family.


  1. You and Katy look like sisters in the first picture! Friends who are in the same "season" as you are SO important! Love your blog!!

  2. Look at our little babies!! They have changed so much and now there are more of them. ;)
    You are a treasure to me! I love you pal!


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