Home Sweet Home.

We had the BEST time on our week long vacation to Annapolis. We got to spend time with all of my extended family and saw my cousin David graduate from the US Naval Academy. I am so proud of all of his hard work. We got to see the Blue Angels several times, shopped and explored Washington DC. Bryan and Hudson got to go to a MLB game and the aquarium. We also ate a lot of amazing fresh seafood. I even got to go jazzercise with my Aunt Sara, so fun!! One thing I have learned is that you can never spend too much time with your family, and I am so blessed to have the close family I have.

All that to say, while our vacation was so fun and our boys were so great, there is truly no place like home. Going on vacation with little ones really just makes the parents' life harder because it is really ALL about routine. And Rhett wasn't really a big fan of sleeping past 4 or 5 am while we were there. So I am happy this morning that we had such a fun and safe trip, but I was so glad to sleep in my own bed last night (and surprisingly enough, I was very glad to get home to our cloth diapers too, I think Rhett's bottom is glad also).

I'll do a big recap later but wanted to post that we were home and alive and well.

A huge thanks to all of my guest bloggers this week. Michele Livingood, you won the Origami Owl giveaway!!! Congrats! Jennifer will be emailing you!

I hope you all have a Happy Memorial Day!!!



  1. Oh yay! I never win anything, so this is very exciting! I'm not sure if she can get my email, but it's Thank you so much!
    I'm glad you had a great time in Annapolis. We live in a suburb of DC, and often head up to Annapolis to get away for the weekend. It is such a nice town!

    1. Thanks Michele, I have passed it along to Jennifer!!


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