Our Week In Review...

You know how on Monday I wrote about our "Sick Weekend"? Well little did I know that I was about to succumb to Rhett's cold virus and be miserable all week. I started Insanity back hardcore last week and I have been so sick this week that the most exercise I have gotten is chasing my little boys around and walking from the kitchen to the couch.

I hate being sick. Hudson has watched way more TV than usual because it was chilly outside and my house is now kind of a wreck. Rhett is still pretty under the weather too. I finally messaged our doctor yesterday to get some of the codeine cough syrup so I could sleep through the night (being able to message your doctor is THE coolest thing) so I finally slept more than 5 hours last night. Poor Bryan said that I have been snoring and talking in my sleep all night so he's super exhausted too. I've been very glad to have frozen meals that I had previously prepared in the freezer this week. Saved us from eating out and from eating cereal for dinner. I am wanting to do a bunch more, if you have a link to a freezer meal I'd love for you to share it with me!

It started as a super sore throat and now has moved down into my chest and I am coughing like crazy. I have plans to go hang out with my mom today, and I am going come hell or high water. I told her that going to get a pedicure and go to lunch was WAY more relaxing than chasing two hooligans around all day even if I didn't feel 100%.

I am hoping that after some R&R this weekend, I will be back to normal next week!

Anyways... here are some pictures of our week! (AKA a Moto-X photo dump!)

Googled "How to Cure a Sore Throat", the only results I hadn't tried were hot tea and Marshmallows... didn't work

My dad took Hudson for the day on Wednesday and got him a Guitar. Bryan started teaching him to play, Hudson has natural music talent so between that, the drums and the piano in his room it will be interesting to see what he picks up.

He is also now obsessed with hunting deer. I know my dad and Bryan are both so thrilled for him to be big enough to go. For now, he and daddy deer hunt in the living room.

Remember THIS ranch??? My husband is obsessed. He said I could sell it by the jug. It is THAT good.
We got a new Ironman suit this week. They had it for $8 at the Walmart Assoc. Store and we always have problems when Hudson's friends come to play because we only have one, so hopefully this remedies this situation. I am curious what my neighbors thought seeing this. Never a dull moment around here.
I read a million reviews on air purifiers and bought one this week. I feel like the air is cleaner, it can't hurt anything, but I still haven't felt any better. My guess is the real test will come this fall in my worst allergy season!

Rhett is finally big enough to play with his brother in the playroom. Hallelujah! At the beginning of the week Hudson and I went through all the toys and put some in the attic and pulled out all the little pieces so Rhett could play in there. I love them playing together but boy can they destroy a room FAST! It's been sweet to see Hudson taking care of his brother.
I made these Refrigerator Bran Muffins this week, a favorite of ours, both of my boys LOVE them!

I had Janet write out a little note to each of the boys so I could make little collages to go in their rooms. I just got to it this week. It made me so sad but I am glad that they have these.

So that's our week. I am looking forward to my pedicure today, my toes need it badly! And some good girl time out with my mom. Hope you all have a great weekend, too!!


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