Rhett and I
I have written before about how Rhett has the MOST sensitive skin in the world. I use cloth diapers and homemade wipes. I wash all of his clothes in free and clear detergent. I can ONLY use Cerave lotion on him. As for diaper rash creams, I haven't really found one that works well with cloth diapers that doesn't break him out. I love PINXAV but it stains my cloth diapers so if he gets a really bad rash (like now) about every third diaper change I lather him up with PINXAV and put him in a disposable.

This is all new for me, Hudson could wear any diapers and use commercial wipes. After realizing that certain ingredients were too harsh for Rhett, it made me start questioning putting all of these chemicals on my kids' skin. I am NOT one of those people who goes all out natural, or at least I didn't used to be, but now I pay attention. I am very against using Huggies (which I almost used primarily with Hudson) because they caused such a bad rash on Rhett INSTANTLY, and I realized after my research that their wipes are some of the worst, chemically speaking, on the market.

So what do I do? For disposables I love The Honest Company. I buy their 4 pack of wipes for my purse for on the go and use their diapers almost exclusively for long term diapering when I can't use cloth (I threw a whole package in my suitcase for our trip last week). I can also get away with putting him in Luvs every once in a while. Honest wipes are the ONLY wipes I can use on him and his skin really doesn't do well unless I make my own wipes. After several trials of other wipes and a raw and bleeding bottom (I know, ouch!!!), it is just much easier to use homemade for at home.
Right now, The Honest Company is having their free samples deal again. You can get three different sets of samples and just pay shipping. This is a great way to try them out. I am not being paid to say this, I really do love their diapers and love how gentle they are on my baby's skin but if you sign up through my link I will get a referral credit. If you get your samples and don't want to stay in the auto enroll it is a breeze to call and cancel (I did it and they didn't hassle me or anything). They have amazing customer service. I don't need the auto enroll since we use cloth but it would be a great service if you're looking for an alternative to store brand and don't want to use cloth.

Those are my "Sensitive Skin" tips. I don't wish sensitive skin on anyone, it has been a miserable journey for my baby with lots of painful diaper changes but I wanted to share what has worked for us after 15 months of trial and error!

I am working on Part 1 of our vacation to go up tomorrow! Hope you have a great Wednesday!


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