Sweet Spring Time!!!

Spring is definitely in the air in Northwest Arkansas! It was over 90 degrees yesterday and it seems like that harsh winter we were having just a few weeks ago was just a bad, bad dream. The boys and I spent all morning outside. We went on a walk and then I had the brilliant idea that we could play in the sprinkler. That lasted about 6 seconds and with two boys in tears. So we headed to the backyard to play in the baby pool.

Not a fan of the sprinkler
Cool Dude Action Shot

Sorry I just found this... this is Hudson at about 11 months in the same little swim top (He weighs the same as Rhett now here)
Oh how I love those squishy cheeks. Perfect for Mommy Kisses!

Cool Dude Baby
And in other news... I am feeling a million times better... and the humidity in AR is 100% (as evidenced by my hair). We are having our friends over for a cook-out tonight and I can't wait. We always have the best time together.

Happy, happy Tuesday!!! Hope you're enjoying this sweet spring time just as much as we are!

Update... I just had to do a side-by-side comparison...
I never really think my boys look alike but I do kind of see it here. Hudson was such a chunk since this is at 10 months and Rhett's almost 15 months! Ha!!!


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