What I got for $11 at Wal-Mart

With rebates and discounts I ended up paying right over $11 for everything pictured, using mostly printable coupons. (As I was typing this I realized that I forgot to put the produce in the picture, I price matched bananas ($.33/lb), strawberries ($.99/16 oz) and avocados ($.33 each) today too so they're part of the $11!). Also, there is a Checkout 51 rebate for $.25 on Avocados this week too. So I paid $0.74 on three avocados with a retail value of $4!

There is a great deal with Walmart where you buy 3 Hamburger Helper Varieties and up to $6.44 in ground beef and you can submit a rebate to get the beef for free. You can do this up to two times per households. There is also $1/2 coupon on for the Hamburger Helper right now which makes this deal even sweeter! The rebate is on too!

The Raid fly strips were $0.75 each and I had a coupon for $2/1. So I made $2.50 total on these.
I had a coupon to get the Dole Squish-ems for free. I got the Jif free with a Shopmium rebate (use code GHUMKEWP to get a free Lindt bar offer) and the yogurt free from an Ibotta rebate. This version of Honey nut cheerios (Rhett's fav) was on sale and I had a coupon for $0.55/1. I just needed the chips and tortillas for the weekend.

Total retail: $44.60
I paid (after rebates): $11.13

Good shopping day with a rare rebate on meat! We usually don't use hamburger helper but I bought mostly the Chicken Varieties for Chicken Fried Rice for Bryan's lunch. And even if I donated these, I still saved money on the meat! Great deal. Another tip if you shop with rebates, submit them first thing when you get home so you don't forget!

(And please excuse the bad photography- my Moto X isn't a great camera, and Bryan's nice camera is with him at work today! Oh well!)


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