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I wanted to do another day in the life post now that my boys are a little bit bigger. My boys usually get up about 6:30. Yesterday it was storming and I woke up at 5 and got up to read my bible. It is so refreshing to have that time first thing in the morning. After they get up I work with Hudson on his bible verse and Rhett eats breakfast. Then I let Hudson watch Disney Jr. for awhile while he eats breakfast and I do laundry or whatever else needs to be done. Rhett tends to just follow me around the house. Rhett goes down for his nap about 8:30. During that time I either work out or try to have some one on one time with Hudson. Yesterday we made door hangers and cookies to take to Daddy's office.
Rhett typically wakes up around 10. Then the boys play in their play room for awhile.
It rained all morning yesterday and finally cleared about around noon. I put the boys in the stroller an went for a 5 mile run. Hudson ate his lunch in the stroller, multi-tasking at it's finest.
When we got home the boys laid down for their naps about 1:30. Rhett went right to sleep and Hudson fought it and played for the whole time in his room, getting in trouble multiple times. During "nap" time, I took a shower and got ready for the day (at 2 pm, ha) and ate lunch while I caught up on the night before's Master Chef. Then I tried my new trick to keep me from snacking so much in the afternoon (my hardest time to eat right), and wore white strips that had to stay on for an hour. No snacking AND whiter teeth.
Rhett woke up around 3:30 and I let Hudson come out of his room then. They played with their toys some more and I vacuumed. Then it was time for dinner around 5. I let them watch Disney Jr while they ate dinner.
After dinner it was bath time.
They they played for awhile until it was time for Bryan to get home and we went outside to wait for him. Everyone's favorite time of the day- When Daddy gets home!
After Bryan got home the boys played with him while I made our dinner. At 7 they went to bed. Then we ate and vegged until we went to bed around 9:30.

So that is a day in the life around here. How do your days look? Similar? I am hoping for some better weather so we can spend a lot more time outside!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. i need to get some white strips that stay on for an hour because my snacking is out of control. these day in the life of posts are so fun to read! how do you hear about the prompts? if you ever want to change it up, a friend of mine and i brought back the 5 on friday since the other gals put their link up on hold for the summer. it was pretty popular last week. we would love to have you!


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