Annapolis Trip Part 2

Here goes part two... hold your hats for LOTS of pictures...

On Wednesday we ventured to Washington D.C. to see the sights. We drove from our house in Annapolis to Union Station (about 50 min) and parked there and walked. If our boys hadn't been in a stroller it would have been a LONG walk but there was also a trolley that we could have taken.

We started at the Natural History Museum because Hudson has been begging to see the dinosaurs. Unfortunately that exhibit was closed so no big dinos for us, but it was still fun.

Then we walked through the National Mall and Hudson rode the carousel.

I love this so much of my boys.
Then we went to the Air and Space Museum and that was a huge hit with Hudson and Bryan.

I was a bit disappointed to miss out on seeing Olivia Pope and Frank Underwood
We walked by the Capitol on our way back to the car and then spent an hour trying to drive by the White House (because my husband is awesome and it was the ONE thing I told him I wanted to see while we were there). Then we drove back to our house just in time for naps to find out that we had been locked out. Ha! So we sat in the car for 45 min and entertained Rhett with waffle fries from Chic-fil-a.

That afternoon my parents got there. Sara and I went to Jazzercise, which was SO fun and then we all went out to eat at this AMAZING crab restaurant on the water. Bryan had the best crab cakes of his life and I had amazing fish tacos. Sara stayed back with all of the boys so it was nice to have a kid free meal and it was fun because this restaurant was within walking distance of our house.

So happy my momma made it!
My cousins went to the Navy Ball, don't they look great???
Thursday we drove the Bay Bridge and ate at another cute crab restaurant on the water (do you see a theme here? We really like crab.). It was just us and my parents and grandma. Hudson and Grammy fed the ducks.
Thursday night the guys all went to an Orioles game. They had a blast. Hudson's first MLB game.
Hudson and Pa
The girls stayed back and went out to dinner and got a few hours to hang out with my cousin, David, who was the one graduating. He was a busy guy that week so it was fun to have some time to talk to him!

Friday was the graduation. Bryan took Hudson and Rhett to the aquarium while I went to the graduation with my parents. It was a long morning but fun to see.
I had to steal this from Sara's facebook, but these are my little cousins, Max and Ben, with David
Then Friday night we had a pizza party. It was fun to hang out with family!
Saturday we went to the Outlet mall and to eat at Cheesecake factory one final time. Then we had David's graduation party.
Sunday, super early, we headed to the Airport to head home. It was definitely time!

Watching the iPad together on the plane

We had a super long layover in Dallas so we ate lunch at Chilis and then let the boys play for two hours in the play areas (ummmm hello, best invention ever!). They played while we drank coffee and just chilled. Then they both crashed on our last flight home. We were SO happy to finally be home.

So that is our trip in a nutshell. We had such a great time and are so grateful to my parents for gifting us our plane tickets and my aunt and uncle for providing such a great house for our whole family to stay in together! We are so thankful for that time and a BIG congrats to 2nd Lieutenant David Kerby! We are so proud of you!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. looks like it was fun! Annapolis is on my list of cities to visit! And looks like david is a marine! Awesome. What's his MOS?

  2. Yes he is Marines! Idk what MOS is, but he is staying in Annapolis for another year of training before he can be deployed. You (or Duke) prob know more about what that means than I do.


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