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Just a quick post today...

I am about to order my first Essential Oils kit. I have had a few friends talking them up for months now and I just have been so skeptical. I have friends using both Young living and DoTerra, I still haven't quite figured out the difference and I am not 100% convinced on which brand I am going to order.... decisions, decisions.

I was skeptical enough that I bought a cheap brand on Amazon to try out (NOT the same thing).

I had a local friend make me a cream for Rhett's bottom yesterday and that stuff is awesome.

So... I'm about to take the plunge and try the Essential Oil lifestyle. I will not be using them to replace medicine but the aid in our general health. I am going to start reading more about them too.

What are your thoughts on EO? Do you use them? Sell them? Have they changed your life? I want to hear!

Happy Thursday!


  1. I was really interested in trying out DoTerra's starter sampler kit, but those little oils are not cheap for certain, so haven't done it yet. But in reading about them, they do so many amazing things. Let us know how they work! -- joanna

  2. We use Young Living Essential Oils - LOVE them!!! If you have any questions about them, let me know!

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  3. We started using lemon lavender and peppermint combo and we have not bought allergy medicine in a year. I have the physicians kit from DOTERRA

  4. how ironic, I've been curious too!!! let me know what you decide :)

  5. YOUNG LIVING is wonderful!! I bought the premium starter kit that includes the diffuser and I have been so happy with all my oils. My son has severe seasonal allergies and the oils have been so helpful. My fav is definitely Thieves! Go Young Living, you will def be happy! We offer lots of local classes (Fayetteville, Siloam Springs, AR) to help you learn how to use your oils!

  6. It is one of the essential subject for our health. essential oils


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