Sixteen Months

This is a few days early (he will be officially 16 months on the 20th), but I've missed the last few months so we need to catch up!

Rhett, I cannot believe you're SIXTEEN months old. Where has my little baby gone?

-You are SUCH a happy boy. You want to do everything "Hudd-a" does. You follow him or mommy around the house all day.

-You've just taken off walking in the past few weeks. It was much more gradual than Hudson's transition to walking. You walk most places unless you're in a hurry and then you crawl your little heart out.
 -You are a climber. You love to explore. You open EVERY cabinet, closet, etc. You climb onto the couch, on top of tables, on top of your toy baskets. You are the reason cabinet locks were made.

 -You are just like your brother and a very healthy eater. You love fruit (mainly strawberries and blueberries). You're not very fond of meat. The only meat I can get you to eat is Chicken and Apples baby food and it is still pretty hit and miss. You love Peanut Butter smeared on crackers right now. That's how I get protein in you. You drink milk and water and aren't fond of juice. I have had to get creative to find ways to get nutrition in you.

-You sleep from 7 pm-6:30 am. Lately you've been waking up to party with mom and dad around 9:30 for about 30 minutes. We love that time with you. You take about an hour and a half morning nap from 8:30-10 and a good afternoon nap when Hudson naps from about 2-4. You are much happier when momma keeps you on schedule. I think you sleep so well now to make up for not sleeping at all your first year (God is paying me back).

-You are hilarious. So funny. You have your daddy's little personality where you like to make everyone laugh. Everything is funny. You love to play "uh-oh" and drop things. You also love to blow kisses, it is so sweet.

-You've started to "read" books in your crib some. It is so funny because I will walk in and you will be jibber-jabbering away and turning the pages.

-You're obsessed with your daddy. And why shouldn't you be? He is the best.
 -You're a good talker. You say Da-da, Ma-ma, Pa (for G-Pa and Pa), Hudd-a (a mix of Hudson and Brother), Uh-oh, Nana (banana), No-No, Hot (for everything that is hot and cold or any drink you see), Sadie (our dog), num-nums (food), nigh-night (that's what you've started calling your blanket), poo-poo, dat (that)... and I am sure other things that I am forgetting.

-You hear "Rhetty-Joe, No-No" probably 700 times a day. You just love to explore. Your other nicknames are "Rhett-nado", "Roodle", and just "Rhett-y".

-You are in mostly 12-18 mo clothes and size 4 shoes. You weigh just under 23 lbs. You have three teeth (2 on bottom, 1 on top).

-You're still completely cloth diapered. You only wear disposable when we go to church. Even daddy puts you in cloth!

-You've still got super sensitive skin so when we're outside I always have a hat on you and slather you with sunscreen (Aveeno baby is the best). I only use Aveeno baby soap on you, still make my own baby wipes and use CeraVe lotion on you.

Little did we know what an amazing addition you would be to our family. While you've made me re-think having a third baby, I just love your strong-willed, funny personality. I love how different you are from your brother. It amazes me that the same two parents can make two kids that are exact opposites. I love everything from your blue eyes and blonde hair to your "stinker" personality. You bring me so much joy and I am so grateful that God made me your momma.



  1. When did he finally start to sleep and what made it change?? I am so hoping my duaghter does this soon! :)

    1. I really have no idea. The week before his first birthday he just decided to sleep through the night. We still have some nights (mainly when he is teething) that he wakes up a couple of times but I try to let him soothe himself back to sleep before going in there. I was SO grateful when he started sleeping all night. It was a LONG year.


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