Someone's Pregnant...

...and it's not me!
This picture was taken at 10 pm on Mother's Day when they showed up randomly at our house to tell us right when they found out! YAY!
My sister in law and brother in law are expecting their first baby in January and I couldn't be more thrilled. I am SO excited to be an Auntie and have already started buying baby stuff. This will give me another newborn to snuggle and spend time with without having to sacrifice my body! Ha!!!! I am SO glad that the secret is out and thrilled for them! You can check out Jordan's post here!

Hudson knows and has known (and thankfully hasn't let the cat out of the bag) and is so excited... except he keeps asking when his sister will be here. I keep telling him he isn't having a sister and he says, "NO, the baby in Doe's tummy, my sister." Ha, so we have some work to do explaining cousins (and NO they don't know the sex of the baby yet either).

Baby Street's first bamboo swaddle blanket from Auntie Jenna!
Happy Saturday and Happy Weekend! Blessing are abounding for our family! Can't wait to meet baby Street!


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