We are constantly in a state of transition. I'll be the first one to admit that I don't like change. I like routine and I like to plan. I really like when things go according to plan and things don't get changed or messed up. I recently transitioned to a full time stay at home mom with no income. A year and three months ago I transitioned to a mom of two (that's one I still don't have a handle on). Bryan is currently transitioning to a new position at work. Rhett is learning to walk and communicate and Hudson is learning to share and how to handle his emotions. We are all learning and transitioning, constantly changing.

My boys aren't in school right now, so they are with me 24/7. I learned a long time ago that I am a better mom when I get some time alone. I am so grateful for this time with my boys but it does the body good to get away. Last night, Bryan took over and let me go out by myself for a few hours. I went through Starbucks and got a 0 ww pt Iced Coffee. I love half and half in iced coffee but I got this one with just a splash of skim milk and I think I can get used to it!

I went to Ulta and found some new foundation and concealer (because my black circles are NO joke). And for real, who can take two little boys into a makeup store successfully? NOT ME. Then I walked around in some other stores and just enjoyed the quiet. I looked at things as long as I wanted to without anyone begging me to go see toys or get  a cookie. No one was standing up in the cart trying to grab things off of the shelf. It was great, it was quiet. I was heading back to the car and I saw Kirkland's and decided to peek in. As soon as I opened the door I saw the BEST vintage superhero pictures. They were kind of expensive, but I texted a picture to Bryan and he told me to get a few of them.

Hudson's room has been in transition since we moved into our new house (almost three years ago). He was a toddler then so I didn't make his room super baby-ish but it didn't really have a theme. Last summer we bought him the Spiderman Pottery Barn bedding and I was going for a vintage superhero theme but it never got father than the bedding.

So last night I took down the remnants of his baby nursery... the giraffes that I picked out when he was still growing inside me. This was his nursery before we moved into this house. It was so perfect (I still have all the bedding and curtains if anyone is interested, I've been meaning to put it on CL).
So as Hudson is officially transitioning from a baby to a big boy... his room needed a major upgrade.
As I took down the last of the baby things, my heart was a little sad but I knew how thrilled he would be to see his superhero room. I am so thankful that he is growing up. Once I told him that Mommy would be sad when he was big and not a baby anymore and he brings that up from time to time and is very concerned that I am going to be sad when he is big. I told him that I will miss him being a baby but that I am so glad that he is big and healthy. Yesterday I answered him, like always, with "Yes, Baby?" and he said "Mom, I'm not a baby anymore."

He is right. He is a big boy. I am so proud to be his momma and in a few short months he will be 4. I could choose to be sad that he isn't a baby, but instead I am celebrating him being "big". We moved his clothes to the drawers in his room and his hamper out of his closet so he can pick out his own clothes and put away the dirty ones. I am trying to teach him responsibility.

So as life constantly changes, I am choosing to be more flexible. I am happy with the future I see as the mom of two precious boys and excited for what the Lord has in store for us.

Happy Thursday.


  1. Love the vintage superheroes! They are the perfect addition to the room.


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