Wednesday Musings

I feel like I am in a bit of a blogging rut. Nothing new or exciting going on around here. Lots of toys and playing outside. Lots of baths and dirty boys. Lots of running. Lots of "mundane" day to day life... I don't think that's probably anything you really want to read about, Ha.

My husband thinks he is SO funny... but isn't it the truth?? My kids are CRAZY until the moment daddy gets home.
We went to the park with our friends Ayden and Ethan yesterday.
Snuggles with my baby boy
On Monday I finally listed some stuff we've had sitting around on Craigslist and did an impromptu purse purge/sale on my IG. I sold all but two (if you're interested in some cute Vera Bradley totes you should hop over there) and made $150 just on purses. I sold an old bike that has been sitting in our garage last night and we are (hopefully) selling some speakers of Bryan's tonight. I still need to list some Men's dress clothes and we have a car bike rack for sale. I love de-cluttering and making some extra cash and I love how easy it is with the internet and not having to have an actual "garage sale". All of the money went to paying for PiYo, a new vacuum and two new cloth diapers for Rhett.
I have been coveting this diaper cover for months. It's a little pricy because of the print but I got it from my favorite diaper company on sale yesterday for $12! Woot!!!! (photo cred)

Photo cred
I am so excited that I ordered PiYo. It is a low impact, high calorie burning exercise program that I think will be perfect for days between running. I am so excited to get it! It is a mix between Pilates and Yoga (Yoga-lates, anyone? Reminds me of "The OC"). I will definitely be doing before and after pictures of this program.

Today I am taking Rhett to his 15 month appointment (Yes, he is actually 16 months). I hate that he has to get shots and even though I have given a bazillion shots in my life, it does still hurt me when it is MY baby. Boo.

Oh and my new vacuum is AWESOME. My other vacuum officially bit the dust last week so I had to buy one ASAP.
It's a Shark cordless from Walmart ($98). It has a stand that it charges on and I love how trim and light it is because I can keep it in my laundry room and get it out as often as I want. It holds the charge long enough to do my whole 1900 sq ft house and before I bought it I read reviews that it will do up to 2500 sq ft. I am a big fan already.

That's all for today. Anyone have anything specific they want me to blog about? I need some topic ideas. Maybe another "Ask me Anything"? We will see.

Happy Tuesday.... eh, Wednesday. :)


  1. I bought Piyo! It should arrive Saturday. I love Beachbody workouts, but with all the Zumba I teach, I just don't need any more high intensity I'm hoping this fits the bill!

    1. YAY! I just looked and mine should be here Saturday too! I have been running 3-4x a week and doing insanity on my between days and it is just too much on my knee! I am hoping this does wonders for sculpting!

  2. Can I asked where you purchased the PiYo from? I've seen different places to buy online and different prices.

    1. I bought mine through a team beachbody coach and it comes with a free extra workout for $59. I can hook you up with Annie's link if you want to buy it through her! It's the cheapest I saw.

  3. You will have to let us know how you like the PiYo. I am liking the "low impact" part of the description. --Joanna


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