Weekend in Review.

This is a late weekend in review... because well... our internet has been down all day until about 4 pm. I felt naked without it. Anyways...

Friday, Jordan and I cooked ALL day and made 50+ meals for Tony for Father's Day. I have a whole post coming up about this tomorrow.
Last week I blogged about making "Homemade Kind Bars" and forgot to add that I burnt the crap out of my fingers with boiling honey syrup. It blistered and looked awful. So I put my nursing degree to good use and bandaged myself up. About 900x because I wash my hands a lot.
Saturday, Hudson and Bryan were both gone in the morning and Rhett took a long morning nap so I had the morning to myself. All I wanted to do was sit on the couch and rest, but I told myself I was never going to get skinny by sitting on the couch so I got up and did two insanity workouts. I felt so good when I was done and burned almost 600 calories.
Then we went and bought Bryan's Father's Day/Birthday/Promotion present... A Kamado Grill. Luckily (I guess) his birthday is very close to Father's Day and it seems like he always wants something expensive, so typically it all gets rolled together, but that way he still gets what he wants and it makes my life easier! He has been reading all about these grills/smokers and has made us steaks and perfect chicken on it already. I'm a fan!

Saturday night we went to the lake house and ate Fish Tacos (possibly my favorite meal) and rode on the boat with my parents. It was a perfect evening to be outside!

Sunday we had Tony, David and Jordan over for lunch (Bryan grilled, of course) and then I took a huge nap. It was glorious. I am up most days by 6 and not in bed until after 10 so I love my Sunday naps.

Today we woke up to a stormy Monday and a lack of internet (see above). I spent all morning on the phone trying to get it fixed and finally had to schedule a service visit this afternoon. Needless to say my to-do list was a mile long, and I didn't get everything checked off that I wanted to. I worked out while I waited on the internet guy to show up and while my boys both fought naps (but I did two insanity workouts and burnt over 1000 cals!). After the guy came and fixed the internet (by resetting an outlet in my garage, whoops) I put the boys in the car to run a few errands and to pass the time until Bryan got home. We went to a local baby discount store and I picked up three cloth diapers for the price of one, WOO! I had a few rebate checks from couponing to take by the bank and then Hudson and I treated ourselves to Starbucks, because honestly it was just one of those days.

new diaper haul!
Since my boys didn't nap, they went to bed at 7. Bryan had to do some work so after we ate dinner I folded (and put away) laundry and crossed off the last thing on my to-do list. That always feels so good. Now I am about to enjoy some blueberries with greek yogurt and watch a movie.

So, that's my weekend in review... or last four days in review, ha. Hope you had a great weekend and a Happy Monday!


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