Weight Watchers Friday-- Week 3

Week Three had a little more of "normal" life than the first two weeks. We went out to eat with some family friends last week. There was a big family holiday over the weekend and I ate pizza on Friday night. I also went to dinner with my friends last night. The biggest difference between this last week and my old "normal" is that I planned for all of these meals. I worked out like crazy and saved my points for those bigger meals. I chose healthier things to eat too and passed on most of the carbs.

New outfit, it feels so good to be in new (smaller) clothes!

This week I accomplished:
1. A WHOLE MONTH WITH NO DIET COKE. This is a huge milestone, people. The only time I have even remotely wanted it were the two times I had Mexican food this week, but I stuck with water.
2. Still no added sugar, eating just a little gluten.
3. I exercised EVERY day. No days off this week. My goal was to burn at least 500 calories a day and most days I hit around 700.
4. Buying new clothes. A size of jeans I haven't been in since before I had my kids. Not the size I want to stay in, but a smaller size which is a milestone!

The struggle:
I really had my sweet tooth flare up this week. I drank a protein smoothie one day and ate fruit another day. Both of those things did the trick. No chocolate involved.

The results:
I lost another 2 pounds, which means 8.4 total pounds! I am so proud of myself and the hard work is paying off!!!

55.6 lbs to go!

How was your week? What did you accomplish?


  1. If you have a chocolate craving you might try these. It makes just enough to fix a craving!!

  2. What kind of protein smoothie do you use? I have been struggling with my weight loss and I am currently trying to get motivated to get this weight off!!
    Chele M

  3. I have a chocolate protein powder from Walmart. Its about 150 cal per scoops and I do half a scoop with a frozen banana and almond milk. Sometimes I add pb2 or peanut butter! Tastes just like a shake! And I promise once you start and see results, you'll never feel better! You can do it!

  4. Those looks so good! Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Why is it that Mexican food always tastes better with a Coke?!

    1. I have NO idea! That and at the movies are the two times I crave coke!

  6. Way to go, Jenna! I've been staying on course lately too! One thing I love when I eat Mexican is sweet tea. However, I haven't had anything but water for the past few weeks so I always ask for water with lime and that adds just enough flavor to do the trick! Keep it up! :) Lana


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