Weight Watchers Friday-- Week 4

A month in (officially as of tomorrow) and I am feeling great!

Here is what I have accomplished:
-A whole FIVE weeks with no diet coke. Still sticking to water and I drink one coffee in the morning.
-I officially have a "golfers" tan. My feet are a lot whiter than the rest of my legs from running or walking every day. And I have the "racer-back" tank top tan on my back from my running shirts.
-Efficiently learning and adapting to be able to still enjoy the things I like by making sacrifices elsewhere.
-Lots of working out. Excited to get PiYo in the mail maybe today!
-I ate out and had a big family meal over the weekend where I splurged a bit, but I ran extra hard on those days and saved points to make up for it.
-A pair of shorts (pictured below) that didn't fit me (with Spanx) before we went to Annapolis a month ago fit like a glove now (NO SPANX).
Ate dinner out with my bestie, Jackie, of 14 years last night, love this girl!
Rewarded myself for hitting my goals with a new (hilarious) work out shirt.
Where I have struggled:
-I had a very sad few days of missing Janet and wanted to turn to comfort food. Instead I got dressed and celebrated being able to wear smaller clothes and stuck to my healthy eating.
-Sweet tooth, again. I have discovered the Weight Watchers Dulce de Leche Ice Cream bars and I can have one after dinner if I have enough points left. SO good. The only real sweet I indulged in was dark chocolate mousse that my mom made on Sunday and it was worth every point.
-Cellulite is starting to creep in. I bought some Nivea firming cream and started using it, anyone have any tips of tricks?? The more I lose, the worse it gets! HELP!

This was my sad day that I wanted a pastry and a big Starbucks drink but stuck with yogurt instead!
The Results:
-I lost another 1.6 lbs.
-I hit two big goals last night. Hitting TEN lbs total lost and my 5% body weight goal.

4 weeks in, 10 lbs lost, 54 to go.

Have you had any struggles or successes this week??? I want to hear!


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